Thursday, August 21, 2008

Random Musings

Random Musings because it's just that kind of day - brain is not on track for anything cohesive.

* We're stuck indoors while fierce rain and winds lash down and everybody has cabin fever. I've been reading some books I'm judging for a contest and working on a short story for THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF PARANORMAL ROMANCE that will be coming out with a British publisher (but here in the U.S. too) sometime next summer. It's a satirical take on The Princess and the Pea (all of those shallow princes who fell in love on looks alone always drove me nuts; what if Rapunzel's glorious hair hid the personality of a troll? Who the heck CARED if a princesss could feel a pea under mattresses?). Anyway, mine involves a spoiled princess, a cranky serving wench, and a very surprised elven prince. I'll post a little bit later after I've played with it some more.

* I'm roasting a turkey just because. Love turkey. Love to make turkey veggie soup the next day. Love turkey sandwiches.

* Did I mention the rain? And the first day of school canceled till Monday? And cranky bored kids?

* Michael Phelps eats 12,000 calories a day. I'm taking up swimming. Now. On NPR's Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me show, at the end where the panelists make predictions, Peter asked what Phelps would do next. One of the predictions was "go back to his day job as Mayor of Atlantis" and I laughed so hard I nearly snorted Diet Coke on my keyboard. (In a strange coincidence, Alexios's heroine is a former Olympic contender in swimming.)

*Finally, last but certainly not least, I have been overwhelmed by all the gracious posts and private emails from all of you about the delay in the books and my health. I feel so grateful and humbled that you have all been so kind to me. Thank you with all my heart.

hugs, Alyssa - off to carve a turkey :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Good news and bad news . . .

VERY IMPORTANT: Okay, the Bad News first.

With many apologies, I have to report that ATLANTIS UNLEASHED will not be released in August as previously reported, but it has been moved to June ’09. I was very, very ill the first half of this year and everything had to be pushed back. I am really sorry that the announcement of the delay didn’t get made sooner; with everything going on, updating websites was far down my priority list. Please accept my sincerest apologies for not letting everyone know about the delay – and that it’s so long – much sooner. Sometimes life and health issues just get in the way, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you all for hanging in there with me. You are amazingly kind and generous - all of the emails and messages have truly lifted my spirits when things were difficult. Thank you so much.

To help make up for this delay, I’ll be posting free short stories, excerpts and deleted scenes on the website over the next several months until WILD THING is reissued in mass market paperback form in January, and then during the January until June timeframe. Thank you for trying my books and for hanging in there with me when life and health had to come before writing.

The Good News - No, Great News - is that we're going to have a gracious plenty (as my Southern friends say) of Warriors next year. Here's the projected schedule:

January, '09: WILD THING - Bastien's novella in this anthology - will be reissued in mass market paperback at the $7.99 price point for all of those who hate paying $14 for trade.

June, '09: ATLANTIS UNLEASHED - Justice's long-awaited story. Both my editor and my agent said it's the best story in the series yet. It's much much longer than the others (turned it in at 500 manuscript pages) and much darker and more emotional. I hope you love it as much as I do. I so wanted Justice to have his happy ending.

July, '09 - the very month after Justice's book: ATLANTIS UNMASKED - Alexios meets Grace and his life is never going to be the same. I'll have some deleted scenes up soon where you'll meet Grace and see why he's drawn to her.

"Fall" '09 - exact date to come: ATLANTIS REDEEMED, Brennan's book. He met his heroine in Justice's book and oh boy was it an explosion. Plus there is that small problem that he can't remember her the minute she's out of his sight . . . Wow. This one is going to be tough to write my way out of . . . but Brennan deserves the best.

So there you have it. The bad news and the good news. Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in letting everyone know and thank you so, so much for your kindness in trying my books and for caring about what happens to my Warriors. I am truly blessed to be able to write my stories and I am grateful and humbled that you enjoy them.

hugs, Alyssa
ps There will be excerpts and extras and short stories posted soon on the website - stay tuned!