Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy, happy days!

I hope everyone is trying to stay sane and grounded in December, which has to be the craziest month of the year for many of us. I made the very very bad mistake of going to the mall today --on a Saturday -- with not quite 2 weeks left until Christmas. Bad, bad, mistake. On the bright side, I found new pillows and a gorgeous quilt set for my bed at a very good price and stocked up on the video games my kids are hoping to find under the tree. It only took me an hour to calm down from the crowd-induced hyperventilation. (whew!)

We are counting our blessings here, because my Navy Guy husband finally came home Thursday from a 6 1/2 month-long deployment. We are all so thrilled to have him home and our thoughts and prayers are with all of you whose military family members cannot be home with you for the holidays. We've been through that, on previous deployments, and know how hard it is. So extra hugs to you and please, everyone, give special love to your military family friends and loved ones.

I have some fun news of my own: Romantic Times BookClub magazine just nominated Atlantis Unleashed as a Reviewers' Choice finalist in the 2009 contemporary paranormal category! That book was my baby, for many reasons, so I'm thrilled to see it honored like that. And I'm with wonderful, wonderful, company: Ilona Andrews, Kresley Cole, Larissa Ione, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Jennifer Lyon are all finalists in my category. What an honor!

Tuesday I'm going to New York for my annual "Happy holidays with my editor" trip. I'll be filming Project Paranormal (deets later) at Berkley and doing dinner and a show with my lovely editor and her darling assistant. Plus seeing wonderful friends. (I hope it snows!!) I'll try to blog and post pics from there - NYC at the holidays is gorgeous and wonderful.

Stay tuned, by the way, because my new website is in progress and I should be able to unveil it soon! Can't wait - the design is gorgeous.

So, much much much going on!! To celebrate the Reviewers' Choice nod, I'm giving away 5 autographed copies of Atlantis Unleashed to 5 randomly selected folks who tell me in the comments something special you're doing this month to celebrate the holidays.

hugs and may your shopping be crowd-free,