Thursday, December 14, 2006

buzz in the funniest places

So, as heard on the Pampered Puppy circuit, ATLANTIS RISING is getting buzz from even the classiest canines . . .
Is it too much of a groaner to say I howled??

Sunday, December 10, 2006

New website launch contest!!

I'm launching my new Alyssa Day website, which is utterly gorgeous -- and full credit goes to my brilliant web designers at Romance Designs, Deb and Tara -- and thought I'd celebrate with a contest!!

So here goes: I'll use my handy "random number generator contest winner picker" to choose 25 of the first two hundred people who sign up for my Members-Only page to win a FREE AUTOGRAPHED copy of ATLANTIS RISING! The winners will be emailed and listed here in early January (happy New Year!), so you can provide a mailing address. Good luck!! And thanks for checking out my Warriors of Poseidon - you'll be glad you did!