Friday, August 31, 2007

Too many dollars, not enough sense

So Leona Helmsley's dog gets $12 million in a trust fund in her will. Seriously. As a lawyer, I can't imagine what kind of attorney would write that down without saying "Really? Leona, you're batshit crazy. Get the hell out of my office and get some psychiatric help." But then again, that's part of why I don't practice law any more. Too often you have to do stupid things in the name of "the client is always right." Trust me, litigation clients are just as often nutjobs as they are "right" - especially the ones who want to sue somebody. It always made me nuts when people blamed lawywers for the litigation explosion. I spent 90% of my time in new client interviews talking people OUT of suing.

But. I digress. $12 million DOLLARS. I just bought mine new Nylabones and some liver treats and thought I was being generous . . .

Ethan is giving me fits; he's so freaking alpha that he's not quite getting the big picture. But oh, wow, is he ever sexy! Whew.

In other news, I'm sick with some cold or flu virus that's kicking my butt, so am taking my codeine cough syrup and off to bed. Hope you all have a great Labor Day long weekend.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm back online!!!

Finally in our new house and finally have my very own internet connection!! Yahoo!! Just in time to check email and find some very lovely news, too:

ATLANTIS AWAKENING will be featured in the Rhapsody book club with an interview of me!

And Sarah W. at Romance Junkies passed on this terrific review (you can see the full text at Romance Junkies):

"As the King's Vengeance, Ven has had to deal with a lot of trouble, danger, and explosive situations in his line of work. But he does it with pride, attitude, and the painful knowledge that all this death is hurting him more than he would like to let on. Ven never thought he would meet any woman capable of reaching his hardened heart but that changes when he lays eyes on Erin Connors, a powerful and important witch in the Seattle Circle of Light.
[. . . ]
Alyssa Day turns up the heat, the sensuality, and the excitement yet another notch in the tantalizingly sexy ATLANTIS AWAKENING! These warriors may hide their hearts at times, but rest assured, they are not afraid to give them to the right woman. . . .

Ven and Erin take top honors however in this tale. Neither expects to find an all consuming passion in the face of so much danger but fortunately, love proves to be the perfect answer to trouble. Alyssa Day makes me crave more Atlantis!
- Sarah W., Romance Junkies

Monday, August 13, 2007

I HATE hotels

Sick to death of every part of it. Why did I think this was a good idea?? Two solid weeks of it and we're all miserable. Still not in the house but hoping that changes soon. Ethan's book is taking a very dark turn and I'm not sure how much of it is me being in a foul mood. Luckily Marie is a counterbalancing force in the tapestry of his story. She has such serenity that I wish I could share . . .

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

New cover!!!

I'm still homeless with no internet; cadging it wherever I can. But I wanted to share the cover for SHIFTER (Ethan's story; coming out in March!!) And what thrilling company to keep!!