Monday, October 19, 2009

Movie (and more) Monday

I had a couple of tween girls (one my own) here Saturday evening/night, so I took them to see Fame. Backstory: these 2 attended a long, grueling, but wonderful week of Broadway Camp in NYC last summer, which builds one heck of a bond, and they're both crazy dancing and singing divas. The movie? meh. Some fun dancing and not quite as fun singing, depressing and pointless ?plot?. Sure didn't have the impact of the first one, but then again, I wouldn't have taken tween girls to that one. Anybody see anything they loved this weekend?

In book news, I am working away at editing Brennan's book. Realized I need one more small scene near the end, and it somehow turned smoking, blazing hot. That Brennan! Give a man emotions after 2000 years and you'd better step back or prepare to get burned. My cheeks actually got a little warm as I read some of the things he said to Tiernan. Whew! *fans self*

Also, ran 7000 errands and got mailings out. Poor allergy-ridden dog back to vet. Fixed son's glasses. Etc. etc. Very hamster on wheel day.

Son said to me in car: I did a mind meld with the dogs, Mom. Precious's brain was elevator music & Buckeye's was a dial tone.

BWAH! Laughed so hard I missed my turn.

Working hard on Christophe, but the urban fantasy keeps sneaking in to poke at me. I've never gotten so far in a book without already *knowing* what the title should be. this one is still UNTITLED. Sigh. It will come to me.

OK, off to feed kids. They'll just eat and then grow and need new clothes, which is a vicious circle, but there are laws . . .

Friday, October 16, 2009

The prodigal author returns! Random ramblings

Yes, I know at least 3 or 4 of you missed me, LOL. It has been interesting around here. I deleted the past few posts about the Fire and Ice blog since we decided that, while a good idea, we were all too busy to really keep up with yet another group blog.

So here are a few updates:

1) The book!! The book, the book, the book! ATLANTIS REDEEMED is finally finished and my editor love, love, loves it!! Said it's her fave in the series yet, which is saying a lot! I'm so thrilled and can't wait for you all to read it. It will be out in March, 2010, and the lovely cover is newly posted on my website home page HERE.

2) The email address and reader mail. As many of you know, my computer blew up when I was on deadline. I had to finish the book on my son's computer. I took it to the super computer place to switch out the corrupted hard drive for the new one, and retrieve my data, but almost all of my AOL mail did not make the transfer. I am DEVASTATED that, among much else, I lost ALL of my saved reader mail. I am truly heartbroken that I've lost so many, many emails from everyone with your kind words about my books. Also, if you've written to me in the past month or so, I've lost that, too, which means I never wrote back to you. I apologize so much for that, but I have no way to retrieve those emails, so please write to me again if you still need (or want!) an answer.

My new email address is No more stupid AOL for me.

3. The new book! I'm writing Christophe's book, ATLANTIS BETRAYED, right now, and it's so much fun!! It's a heist book, which is a little different for this series. I just left Christophe hanging off the front of Big Ben in London. Can't wait to start showing you excerpts!

4. The website. I'm going to change things up a little, so if you have things you'd really like to see on the new site, please write to me and let me know or post a comment here at the blog.

5. The urban fantasy. Yes, it's still coming!! My publisher is focusing on the Atlantis books, but the first UF will be along soon, I promise. It's REALLY EXCITING and I'm having a blast writing it! Can't wait to share excerpts with you for this, too.

6. The thanks! Thanks, as always, for reading my books, sharing them with friends, and for being part of the reading community. Readers rock!