Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Weird and Wild Wednesdays!!

Wild and Wacky Wednesday!!

I've decided Wednesdays should be news of the weird, but before I get to that I have to say a big THANK YOU!!!

I'm officially a USA Today Bestselling Author!!

ATLANTIS RISING is breaking bestseller records for a debut book - thank you to every single reader who took a chance on a new author!!

#4 on Borders Group Best Selling ROMANCE!
#8 on Borders Group Best Selling ALL FICTION!
#8 on Barnes and Noble Best Selling ROMANCE!
#33 on Barnes & Noble Overall Mass Market! – includes nonfiction, fiction, everything!
#13 Bookscan Best Selling mass market ROMANCE!

It's just CRAZY!! My darling husband broke open the champagne at 2 this afternoon when we found out about USA Today!!

So my entire day has been wacky enough!! But what about you? What weird, wacky or wild things did you see in the news (or in real life?). The commenter who posts the weirdest true story will win an ATLANTIS RISING t-shirt.


Angela/SciFiChick said...

It's more sad that weird or wacky... But on my way home last night, I saw a couple news vans with those tall cameras perched up in the air pointing at a quarry pit. I wondered what they were filming, and immediately I thought of this guy that went missing weeks ago.. the night of the superbowl. (Our city won, which is why it made news.. the guy was wearing a Bears jersy.. and people thought it may have had something to do with that.)
Anyway, I knew he'd be found once it got warmer and the snow melted away.
On the news this morning, it turns out that his body WAS found.. in that gravel pit. Right down the street from the bar he was last seen. Weird that he just fell down there and died. Must have been stone drunk and froze to death.

Cherie said...

There is a crazy story going on here about some guy here in Florida who killed 4 people who the defense states should be sent back to Ecuador because Florida authorities illegally took him from his native country. This guy evidently has friends in high places in the Ecuadorian Government. They are saying he needs to be returned to them, not because he is innocent mind you, but because the proper procedure was not followed in his arrest. Oh yeah! Let's give this murderer a get out of jail pass because his buddies just came to power. Talk about corrupt. This makes me shake my head in disgust.

Cherie J

Pamk said...

The weirdest thing happened at work yesterday. It tickled my boss so bad that in 17 yrs of working with him I've never heard him laugh so hard. He went to lunch and upon returning he check his voice mail as normal and this is where it skewed into the twilight zone. His first message was a gentleman that said and I quote the pigs are loose, the chickens are out of their pens, and the cows are in the corn. That is all he said no name or anything. Now maybe I am nuts but I can't understand what this has to do with a payroll managers voice mail. They man truly sounded to me like he'd been tipping the bottle a little too soon since this around 2 in the afternoon. I of course asked my boss why don't you call him back and see if he even knew who he was calling. He said that he had had his laugh for the day. He laughed about this the rest of the afternoon.

Jo said...

I know it's late but here is the weirdest news of the day (today).

The Buckeyes won again last night against Tennessee. I went to work this morning and found out that almost everybody turned it off and went to bed at halftime. I truly had to laugh because as the only woman in the department, I was the only one to stay up to watch the amazing finish. If you are a Buckeye regular you know that you should never count them out until the game is over!