Thursday, May 17, 2007

Melinda voted off???

Okay, she is totally the best singer!!! But it might be a personality thing - after the 5th or 6th week, the "oh, I'm so surprised you like me" thing got a little old. Either way, it doesn't matter - I'm guessing all 3 of them are going to have an amazing future. Yes, I'm Alyssa Day, and I'm a reality TV junkie. lol

In other news, I'm nearly at the final end of the book, so my brain isn't melting quite so much. aargh.

And I bought these:

Which cheered me up considerably.

We're going to see Shrek 3 this weekend - the kids are so excited. And Friday night is kids' night out at the gym - any good grownup movies I should see?


RandomRanter said...

Excellent shoes! Well, Navy Guy did say the dark side needed shoes. Anyhoo - nothing from me on the movie rec's since the last movie I saw was "Casino Royale". Hmm - must work on that.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree that the shoes are awesome.

I took my daughter to see Shrek the Third today. It was a good fit for my 7 year old and her friends, and I got quiet a few laughs as well. The original will always be my favorite though!


Alyssa Day said...

we saw Shrek 3 today too (and my daughter is 7, too!). Very funny!