Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The sense of humor, it is genetic, evidently

So my 7 y.o daughter has a homework reading and Q&A assignment on Komodo Dragons. I check it over and basically the essay is about how dangerous they can be, what they eat for prey, how they jump out at you from ambush and stick their big scary teeth into you, kind of like politicians in an election year. (ba dum bomp) Also they all live in one village to keep away the man-eating dragons.

Anyway, one of the questions she had to answer was:

If you wanted to get across the island of Komodo, how could the villagers help you?
And she wrote:

Umm . . . Health insurance?
I laughed so hard I nearly cried and let her leave it just like that. rofl.
Poor kid is doomed. I need to start saving money for her therapy now.

And please don't forget to stop by Romance Novel TV and say hi!! I'm guest authoring through tomorrow!


RandomRanter said...

Oh my! I hope her teacher enjoys it as much as I do!

Anonymous said...

Man, you just have to love what comes out of children's mouths. LOL

And a big Woo Hoo on only two more weeks!


Erica Ridley said...

Bwa ha haa. Hilarious!