Saturday, March 22, 2008

All that and chocolate bunny ears!!!!

Wow! I have so much to be thankful for!! Tomorrow is our 12th wedding anniversary. It has been an amazing twelve years, and my husband is a true romantic hero. If it weren't for his support, I'd still be practicing law, instead of writing the books and telling the stories that I love so much.

Tomorrow is also the day that the printed New York Times newspaper with my name on the actual bestseller list comes out!! And it's going to happen again next week!! Yep, we found out that SHIFTER is #14 on the NYT list for the second week in a row!! Woohoo!!

There will be chocolate bunny ears to nibble to my heart's content, and everyone is healthy and happy here. I'm feeling so lucky and grateful these days, and I wish all of you the very happiest of Easters and as many chocolate bunny ears as you can possibly eat!!

Speaking of delicious (didn't you love that segue? LOL), my dear friend Julie Leto's rocking paranormal romance, PHANTOM PLEASURES, is coming out soon!!! And to celebrate, she's doing some great giveaways at her blog,
starting Monday!
She's not only giving away a chapter a day of her upcoming paranormal romance, PHANTOM PLEASURES, but she's also sweetening the pot by offering a $20 Amazon/Borders gift card per day to anyone who leaves a comment. So stop by and check it out! You'll be glad you did.

And enjoy those bunny ears.

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Stacy L. said...

Alyssa - Congratulations!!!! I'm working on a complete sugar overload right now. Candy and icecream were two of the things I gave up for Lent and I have been eating both today. Yummy!

Oh, and thanks for the update on Julie's book. I loved her story in the anthology Boys of Summer. I'm going to go check out her blog now!

Glad all is well!