Thursday, December 11, 2008

A fascination with clutter

My guilty little secret lately is that I am addicted to the show Clean House. Niecy Nash, the host, is hilarious, but my real fascination with the show is that they go around the country finding people with the most cluttered houses and organize them. I have some sort of weird fascination in seeing just how horrible the clutter can actually be in people's homes.

But it's not nearly as simple as the clutter itself. The problem is that nobody lives in a house so overflowing with junk that they can't walk around, unless there are some emotional or psychological issues involved. So getting Joe Smith to give up his collection of 5000 Beanie Babies or Jane Jones to part with her 6200ceramic bunnies can be a problem.

I'm the anti-pack-rat - I hate clutter with a horrible passion and sweep for it on a regular basis, boxing off anything not nailed down to charity. If it doesn't fit or we don't use it, why have it collecting dust or sitting in cardboard boxes in the house or garage?

Of course, I'm married to a man with a teensy bit of pack-rat in him - he tried a couple of years ago to get me to let him keep his dot-matrix printer by offering to let me print drafts of my books on it.

My 500 page books.

This would take a week and a half. Not to mention how much my poor editor would have appreciated the eyestrain . . .

If I ever decide to quit writing, I'm going to become a professional organizer. In fact, perhaps I should audition for Clean House. I'm pretty blunt, so I could be the Simon Cowell of the show - "Are you OUT OF YOUR FREAKING MIND??? Why would you POSSIBLY want to keep THAT??"

On second thought, maybe I should keep my day job.


MoMMY said...

My husband is a pack rat and I fight the urge all the time. Want to come to my house and help a woman out? You sound like just what I need. Although, I may need your books more so on second thought, maybe you should just keep writing.

Ellory said...

LOL.. I went to a Decluttering and Organizing Workshop last weekend. I am a bit of a pack rat.

I'm working on the tips of taking it one step at a time. :)

Jessie said...

Zey do exist! Ahem, I mean....oh, look. I actually remembered Blogger exists.

I LOVE Clean House. I watch it all the time. I just feel bad for the TV personality people after dealing with the messiest house people each year. I'm neither a packrat or a clean freak. I have a good bit of clutter, but in 600 sq feet, it's to be expected. One gallery style walk in closet and a hall closet. I need to finish getting my furniture so I can get more organized. And some floating shelves to put on the walls for storage, too.

All I know is that Book Mooch saves a lot of room. (You mean it's not normal to read 5 books a week?)

Reminds me...I need to clean my closet out again. Go through my shirts and separate the dressy from every day.

SavvyChick said...

You realize I am now hooked on this show because of you, right? They've been having marathon's over the holidays and everything. I wish they would show how they help organize peoples offices. I see the lovely finished product but I want them to open the drawers and show me what they've done.

Alyssa Day said...

Yes!! It's a sickness!! The fun part is if you watch it enough like i did last week when i was so sick, it's like psychological priming. I got up out of bed and reorganized both kids' bookcases and my son's entire room!! My office is half done too now and my bathroom closet! woohoo!!