Monday, February 02, 2009

I say we call for a boycott

Worst commercial in the Super Bowl HERE.

Never, ever ordering from Teleflora. Ever. Because, REALLY???? No, I mean, REALLY???? Because we live in the 1950s again and women don't order flowers? Women who don't particularly want to be insulted in such a crude, sexist, misogynistic way??? Oh, and wait -- women who read ROMANCE NOVELS???? Screw 'em. Let's boycott the asshats.


Jessie said...

WTF? No. Really. WTF? So glad I ignored the Super Bowl in favor of getting passing grades last night. I don't even. I know I like flowers that make me feel like crap about myself. Don't you find that cute? Just cause they're in a box, even!

Jill said...

I about swallowed my tongue at that dig at romance.

I'm in on the boycott

LDFerris said...

Absolutely!!! Most days I'd prefer the romance novel to any bunch of flowers...

Tinuke said...

I just watched it. Weird way of advertising. I don't like cruelty in ads that apparently are meant to be funny, and I really don't like the romance dig.

Why is it that any amount of dirt can be flung romance readers way, rather in the way of the poor woman on the receiving end in the ad.

I thought it was in very poor taste, and I agree with LD Ferris, if I am going to spend money I have a fairly substantial list of romance authors books that I definitely would like to receive.

I have my own flowers in my garden and much as I love it when my hubby gives me flowers, he absolutely knows that a book or two by one of my favourite authors hits the spot everytime!

That was such a crass advert. blech!!! I would boycott but it's an American company I think but still will retain the name! and in spirit definitely on the boycott side of things Tinuke