Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TV Tuesday

OK, I'm dreadful at blogging so am going with themes. THEMES, dammit, will keep me in line. So, TV Tuesday:

Anybody watch CASTLE with Nathan Fillion? I've loved him since Firefly and have been hoping he found a home in a TV show that lasts. There was the EXTREMELY short lived show about people in a bizarre road race, but that disappeared before it started, practically. Anyway, I had a blast with it! Love the daughter, love the Mom from Dharma and Greg, think the police detective is great (for those who think she's too tightly wound, HELLO, she needs to have a beginning point so she can have a character arc!), and love, love, love Nathan Fillion (HELLO, AGAIN, those who find him too over the top and annoying, he has to find his own character arc, give him a chance). And those of you (you know who you are) fizzing about teensy details like OH, NO, HE WOULDN'T TYPE IN SINGLE SPACE IF HE WERE A REAL AUTHOR, well, just hang up the crazy hat.

It's CAPTAIN MALCOLM REYNOLDS. Back on TV. And I'm in my happy place.

AND IN GREAT PERSONAL NEWS, just found out that THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF PARANORMAL ROMANCE came out this week instead of next month! (Teensy glitch in communications, there). Check it out!! I've been sneaking a peek at all the wonderful stories and it looks like so much fun! Not to mention that the seriously hot high prince of the Fae, Rhys na Garanwyn, who I introduced in my story makes a very definite appearance in Atlantis in July . . .



Karin Shah said...

Haven't seen Castle but I've been meaning to. Yes, I'm shallow. It's all about the hot guy.

I'm looking forward to the next Atlantis book, so I guess I'll have to track down TMBOPR. Though it's clearly blackmail. LOL :-)


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Alyssa Day said...

Hi Karin! Thanks!! Not even 3 months till Atlantis Unleashed - excerpts up soon!

Barbara Caridad Ferrer said...

Hush, you.

Eileen said...

We watched CASTLE and thought it was pretty cute. I agree with you about Nathan Fillion. He deserves a series that doesn't die out underneath him.

Anonymous said...

LOL about hanging up the crazy hat! Well said!

I just finished watching Castle, FINALLY -- thank God for the DVR -- and I now feel a deep urge to go watch Firefly, which I somehow have never watched, despite my deep love for all things Joss.

I blame the Television Without Pity girls, who raked him over the coals in his Buffy days and made it impossible for me to take him seriously.

Loved him in Captain Horrible, too.


SavvyChick said...

I was so thrilled to see Fillion find a new tv home. I didn't notice the single spacing thing, I noticed that he was using Ariel font and not New Courier, lol.

How great would it be if they have a new writer at the poker table every episode and they have Nora as JD Robb. She could be the insightful one that tells Castle his character needs a love interest. I would ADORE that!

Nancy J. Cohen said...

I liked Castle enough to set my DVR for a series recording. I could watch it just for Nathan Fillion alone. The other characters are fun, including the tough lady detective and Castle's mother. He's such a cocky charmer; who can resist?