Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm thrilled to share that I have a new 3-book deal for more Atlantis
books!! Got surprised by the offer last Monday since I hadn't even turned
in a proposal yet; we worked out details during the week and yay!! More
books!! That plus the 2-book urban fantasy contract are going to keep me
pretty busy. I mailed my husband the "Alyssa Day's Trophy Husband" shirt
that my darling Toni McGee Causey made for him, ROFL. He promised to wear
it proudly. Love that man - I would have given up on this career a couple
of years ago without his support, but he believed in me all the way. I told
him I'd buy him a new truck to celebrate,
and Mr. Frugal says, "Nah, but how about a paint job for the one (150K
miles) I already have?"

Anyway, yay!! Thanks for letting me share!

Alyssa, quite dizzy from the roller coaster these past few weeks
PS: Here's a new review for ATLANTIS UMASKED, coming out in only 2 weeks!!


ann marie said...


Fantasy Dreamer (Donna) said...

Awesome News! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

This is GREAT news ! can you tell us who will be featured in the new 3 books ?


Cybercliper said...

Yeeee Haaaawww!!!...thank you and your publishing team so much for that. I can not get enough of the Warriors!!!

Alyssa Day said...

Thank you!! Next up are Brennan (well, Alexios in 2 weeks!!), then Christophe, Denal, Jack and Alaric.

Bonnie Ferguson said...

Major congrats!!! :)

lovelee1 said...

Great News...and YES, Alaric's book is coming!!!

Ada Lato-Esposito said...

Woohoo! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

?? what are urban fantasy books? and congrats. good news for you and the fans! Jill D.

Alyssa Day said...

Urban fantasy novels are set in a world very much like ours, but there are supernatural beings (in fact, I"m using the same world I use in my Atlantis stories, so you'll be familiar with much of it!) and the novels follow a central protagonist on her or his journey. Like the Dresden Files (Harry Dresden) and the Southern vampire books (Sookie Stackhouse, the basis of the new TV show True Blood). I'm very excited about it!

Michele L. said...

OH MY GOSH! That is great! I can't wait to read the next book Alyssa.

A big congrats on your 3-book deal! How exciting!

Lizzielvr said...

Congratulations Alyssa! You are a great writer, you deserve it! I just received my copy of Atlantis Unmasked (gotta love B&N!), can’t wait to start reading!

And I just wanted to say I just received your newsletter and I think it’s wonderful and generous thing that you are giving away so many books! You rock!

Anonymous said...

alyssa your the best
i luv yuv book
and that is fantastic
there will be more
hiphip yoray