Friday, July 24, 2009

Random thoughts

I'm a little sad. I know, I know, what do I have to be sad about? Career is going along wonderfully, I had the BEST time in DC at conference, life should be all roses and champagne (and red wine; Darling Agent sent another case of wine to congratulate me on this second book's awesome showing on the New York Times list).

But my husband and best friend in the world is still gone for 4 more months (at least; needs of the Navy) and I miss him dreadfully. It's harder than I can explain to go through deployment. The kids miss Daddy and I miss him; not just his presence and hugs but his calm efficiency -- I get to the be the creative person when he's here while he deals with the pest control guy and the lawn and the car repair and taking out the trash and etc. etc. etc. But when he's gone I get to be Mom and Dad and in charge of everything. It's tiring and frustrating, and believe me when I say that all the single parents out there have my total respect. But it's a little different for military spouses who are single-by-deployment. We live wherever the military stationed us, not necessarily near any family support. I have good friends, but it's not like I can say "please take the kids for a week, I'm on deadline."

Anyway, enough whining. I am so fortunate and grateful that we are all healthy and I know how lucky I am. I'm just . . . a little sad. Please do me a favor and hug a military spouse or single parent friend of yours. Take them to lunch, offer to watch the kids for an hour, or have a margarita evening. Something. It's kind of lonely sometimes, and friends mean everything to us.

OK, enough of that. What's new? I'm trying to get caught up after conference. We're in the middle of packing up all the books we're sending out to you, so if you were a winner from my newsletter contest, please be patient. This has been a crazy week. We'll get them out as soon as we can!

We saw Harry Potter - I'm not sure I loved it. It seemed to go on too long and yet not cover enough of the book. What do you all think?

Also strangest thing I've heard myself saying lately: "Do NOT unclog the toilet with that sword!"

Ah, yes. The glam life of the NYT bestselling author continues . . . ROFL.

Oh, and I'm going to get a tattoo. Hee.

So what's up with you?


ev said...

A tattoo huh? Of what??

Do you follow the Military Spouse comic? It's a riot and so true to life. Granted it's air force, but well, not much is different.

Cybercliper said...

Hang in there - don't let the blues get you!!! Maybe you could take all those feelings and apply them to one of your Atlantians being separated from their mate...isn't Marie (Shifter) still on deployment from Ethan? Did you get the tattoo idea before or after the case of wine? :-D

Leslie said...

Congrats on making the NY Times again!

My dh is retired Navy so I can understand what you're going through. I hope your husband is able to stay in touch fairly regular via email and phone. Our first cruise it was two phone calls and snail mail. Things were much better by the time he retired. And it's ok to be sad every now and then, your missing your best friend. :)

Can't wait to see the tattoo. I want one but can't decide what or where yet. Someday soon I'll get one.

Soullumination said...

I come from a military family (Dad, Grandfather, Uncle, Sister, etc.) so I can completely relate.

Gotta give it up for our men & women in uniform, protecting our country while their families wait at home.

Currently have backed up sink, now wonder if sword might work.......

Phyllis J. Towzey said...

I don't know how you do it. ((((HUG))))

Suzette said...

Been there, done that, hated it! Deployments that is. Husband did army and 14 months was his longest deployment. If nothing else, just know we support you if you cant have family nearby. Wish I could help with the kids because I can understand needing time off for yourself. Especially with your deadlines. Keep your head up love, and cry when you want. It may not help but its better to let it out then keep it all inside.