Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The lovely folks at Fresh Fiction invited me to blog today -- please check them out HERE for a chance to win a signed copy of ATLANTIS BETRAYED!! (Out a week from today! Yay!)

But I gave them a snippet that I think was too hot for them to post! (That naughty warrior, Christophe.) [EDITED TO ADD - I was totally wrong, I think it was my browser. The whole snippet is up at Fresh Fiction. Yay, Fresh Fiction! But here is the end anyway, just cause I love it! hee!)

So pop over to Fresh Fiction and comment for a chance to win!

Here goes:

. . . She blushed to think her brother had heard the last part of what she'd said, but she forgot her embarrassment with Christophe's next words.

"Is that what I did, Princess? Be honest with yourself and with me. Which one of us cast the spell on the other? Because I can't seem to get through five minutes without wanting to kiss you. To strip you naked and taste your skin. Right now I'd bend you over that table and drive into your perfect body if I thought you would let me, so tell me, Fiona. Who is in control, here?"

Whew!! That man is HOT!! Only one more week!!


Stephanie*magic* said...

*melts* LOL!!!!
Sure was a hot book!
Loved it! So cant wait for more!!!
Wont say anything else for now. :D
Hope ya have a stress free day. Take care!

Mana said...

Oh my, that does set the imagination on overdrive. Can't wait for the book. Only so many more days, and I want it!

Diane said...

Very Very Hot!