Tuesday, September 07, 2010


ATLANTIS BETRAYED is in stores now!! And at all your favorite e-book retailers! Rush out and buy the book that RT Book Reviews and Night Owl Romance both gave Top Pick reviews!

Hunky Atlantean warrior Christophe finally meets his match in the famous cat burglar known as the Scarlet Ninja – and sparks fly when they realize they're both trying to steal the same jewel!

See below for:
1) Excerpts
2) A link to the coolest music video in the world
3) Book release donation
4) More news

1. Excerpts!! We have excerpts! Go HERE for chapter 1 :

And here's the exciting teaser:

Poseidon's warriors have learned that the battle to protect humanity produces unexpected enemies--and alliances. And one of the most powerful of all Atlantean warriors will soon find both…in one daring beauty.

A warrior's mission, a woman's desire…

What could Christophe, powerful Warrior of Poseidon, have in common with Fiona Campbell, prim and proper Scottish illustrator of fairytales by day and notorious jewel thief known as the Scarlet Ninja by night? Answer: The Siren, a legendary Crown Jewel that Fiona has targeted for her next heist. It's said to be worth millions, but to Christophe it's invaluable. For the Siren also happens to be one of the missing jewels from Poseidon's trident.

And the unnatural evil that could destroy them both.

But breaking into the Tower of London is a two-person job, so Christophe and Fiona team up to commit the crime of the century. As newfound passions fire their motives--and cloud their judgment--they realize they aren't the only ones after the priceless gem. A dark force is shadowing their every move, and threatening to shatter their trust with revenge, betrayal, and a haunting revelation about the past.

2. The coolest music video in the world!
Radiator Music, a new and exciting music production company, contacted me because they loved my books and wanted to write an original song about them! Of course I said sure, and then they decided what's a song without a music video?? So I spent a few days living the glam life of a film producer (OK, without most of the hard work) on beaches in St. Augustine, the historical fort of Castillo de San Marcos, the lighthouse, and the haunted jail at Green Cove Springs. I think you'll LOVE the result!

3. Book release donation: I have always done this informally, but this year I decided to formalize. I am so lucky and grateful to be able to do a job I love, and from now on, I will make a donation to a charity suggested by a reader with every book release. This time, since I didn't have a chance to get the request process in gear, I've donated to a cause near and dear to my heart, the Pug Rescue of Florida.

4. More news! They're packing my house today with the express shipment (important things that will go by plane) for my move to Japan. 2 more weeks and the ship-bound household things go. I'll be in touch from there, but be sure to keep in touch through Twitter and Facebook where I'll be posting interesting snippets and video from my travels.

As always, feel free to share this newsletter with any readers who may enjoy it, and thank you all again for reading my books. I appreciate it more than I can ever express.



Teri said...

Any idea when iTunes will have the book available? I just checked and it isn't listed yet!

practimom said...

Happy release day! Good luck with your move!!

Alyssa Day said...

iTunes has been slow, my editor said, but be patient - it should be up there any time now. thank you!!

Diane said...

Great day for you Alyssa and son a new home far away.