Thursday, October 28, 2010

Typhoon on its way

Not sure if trick or treating will be a go or not. We have a LOT of candy, since the kids here on the Navy base plus the local Japanese kids all come by, so we've heard. Fingers crossed the weather holds off or your friendly neighborhood author will be marooned with 60 lbs of candy.

This would NOT be good.

Busy day - crazy happiness in writing and then to homecoming football game to see my son perform in the band at halftime (my first time to see him!). Hope you have a great weekend, dear readers!



practimom said...

Hope you have a GREAT halloween! Good luck giving out all that candy!!

Jill said...

Stay safe ! How did the band do ?

Anonymous said...

Getting stuck with 60 lbs. of candy is a bad thing? Is any of it chocolate? Hope your son did well!