Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday free throws

1. Go see PRINCE CASPIAN. Even if you don't have kids. Loved it! I so wish I could have dinner with C.S. Lewis.

2. My dear friend Karen Rose's first hardcover novel just came out and it's brilliant! If you love romantic suspense or even straight thrillers, this book is for you. James Patterson even gave her a cover quote. Check out SCREAM FOR ME now!

3. I'm still at Romance Divas all weekend talking about mythology in writing - pop over and read the posts - fascinating stuff happening.

4. I just wrote a post over there, in fact, that made me realize a basic truth about my dark and twisty mind: I think my subconscious hangs out in bars with Stephen King's subconscious and they shoot tequila together.


5. Remember the Boy Scout Rescue Mission? Found out today that my darling son's class had to write an essay and do a multimedia project on "My Hero" this week - and he wrote about me and did a movie!! I'll see if he can figure out how to load the movie here; it's pretty cool. (And yes, that was the sound of me getting all choked up.)

Happy weekend!


Amy said...

Oh, yes, I would love to see that video! You are a hero!

Dayna Hart said...

which is why you are the "your subconscious hangs out in bars" diva.

Thanks so much for coming to the workshop, Alyssa, it was a blast.

Stacy L. said...

Alyssa - That is so touching that your son picked you as his hero! I would be choked up too.

We saw Prince Caspian on Saturday. We enjoyed it but I have to admit I liked the first one better. Although Prince Caspian was pretty cute. LOL

Hope all is well!

Stacy L.

kelly0205 said...

when r u gonna write alaric's story anxious to read it i love all the poseidon warriors so far look forward to the rest of them

Devon Ellington said...

It all sounds like great stuff!

And how cool for your son to do that!

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