Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Summer!!

Happy Summer!!!!

Wow! It's been a while since I checked in - crazy crazy times here. But it's finally summer, my darling son graduated from elementary school (how did that happen?? he was just born!!) and no more homework, projects, or early morning alarms! yay!!

How are you all doing? Any fun summer trips?

We are going to a Disney family vacation this week. We're staying at the Wilderness Lodge and doing the whole crazy park-hopping thing. I'm not really theme park girl, but it seems like it would be impossible to have a bad time at Disney. LOL. After that, I'm off to NYC for a week mid July to meet with editors and agents and take my daughter the diva to Broadway camp.

Then of course it's San Francisco the end of July for RWA national. I hope any northern Californians can come out and meet me!

Just had some amazing news!! The More than Magic contest of Romance Writers Ink announced their winners - and ATLANTIS RISING took first place in paranormal! But wait, there's more - ATLANTIS AWAKENING took second place!! But wait, there's more! LOL. This is the most exciting - ATLANTIS RISING is the grand prize winner of all the categories!! I was so honored and thrilled and surprised!! (You can see the full list here - there are so many very talented writers on that list; I'm very proud to be part of it.)

In news you really want to hear, I should finally know the new release date for ATLANTIS UNLEASHED within the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!!!

Okay, more later. I'm off to watch the Tonys. But I promise not to fall out of touch again!!
ps If you've been waiting on a mailing, they're all finally going out this week, we promise!


Pearl said...

Nice to see you back Alyssa!!
And with such good news too..Congratulations on winning the contest with both ATLANTIS RISING and ATLANTIS AWAKENING!!

I certainly eagerly awaiting ATLANTIS UNLEASHED...wasn't aware of a change in release though...

My summertrip this year is to Italy. We'll leave end of June for 2 weeks. Really looking forward to it because I could really use a holiday right now!!

Stacy L. said...

Whoo Hoo!!! Way to go Alyssa! Although I'm not surprised. LOL You are an amazing writer and your WoP are, well, drool worthy!

You will love the Wilderness Lodge. We stayed there for our last trip to Disney and really liked it. I'm not a rollercoaster girl but we end up having a great time there.

This summer we are headed to the Bahamas...the Atlantis resort to be exact! How about sending Brennan for a visit?

Please, please, please let them set a hard date for Atlantis Unleashed. I feel like I've been waiting forever! (and I'm not a patient person) LOL

Have a great day everyone!

Stacy L.

Sheri said...

I am planning on going to the Cherry Gathering on Thursday--all my poor budget will allow. *grin* Hopefully you will make it? And apparently your books are VERY popular because every time I go to the store they never have any, even though I ask... (sigh) Congrats on the awards--you are a great writer! *wink*