Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Tina Fey's world and the rest of us just live here

Have always loved her and I was thrilled to see her have a glory night last night. (Never forget - First female head writer of SNL!! And since she's gone, it's back to utterly un-funny, but maybe that's just me . . .) And she had the luck to receive one of her Emmys from the lovely David Boreanaz from one of my favorite shows, Bones.

And Christina Hendricks has that Sophia Loren look going on and was utterly glamorous and gorgeous in that green. seriously, I want that dress!! Plus it cemented my desire to be a redhead again.

Did you watch the Emmys? What were your favorite moments and/or gowns? I have to admit the opening was totally awful for me - people who have months to prepare for something and go with the "I have nothing prepared" always annoy me, though. It seems disrespectful to the audience, somehow. I know they were going for funny but it so wasn't.

Rainy here today and a great day to figure out why this chapter isn't working and fix it and move on. Alexios is trying to tell me something - I just don't quite know what, yet. I should get cover art for ATLANTIS UNMASKED soon, so I'll be sure to share.
hugs and happy Monday!

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Michelle said...

Boo hoo, I miss not being able to watch the Emmys - but it's great to read/watch recaps and clips. I love Tina Fey! I thought Ricky Gervaise was funny when he tried to claim his Emmy from last year, too.