Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A hair crisis & a plum blossom festival

Yes, I'm feeling *that* shallow today. Hair color update went a little extreme yesterday, so now I'm so blonde I REALLY look like Writer Barbie. This would not bother me so much if I didn't have appointment for haircut this morning and new pictures for website and book cover this afternoon. But it's all good. Hair, in the grand scheme of things, is SO not a big deal.

Am going to try microblogging since the idea of huge updates always makes me procrastinate until I don't blog at all. So, here are a few pictures from our trip to the Asakusa Plum Blossom Festival this weekend:

Very crowded. On the upside, there was much shopping. MUCH shopping. Got Brennan a new throwing star (whee!) and a lovely handmade leather purse for me. Hand-painted silk ties for Navy Guy and ninja gear for Science Boy. Princess came out with many goodies, as she usually manages to do. The upside, even in this kind of crowd, is that I'm at least a head taller than most people so I never have to worry that the kids will get separated and not be able to find me.

Sensoji Temple is one of the most famous in Japan. Dedicated to Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy, and I loved that. I understand it's even more beautiful lit up at night so we'll definitely go back. This is the gate to the temple and it's just as amazing.

Evidently I can't put more pics here so I'll add more tomorrow.


Gina Black said...

The first time I went to Japan it was with my 5'2" daughter and her 6' 2" boyfriend. We could always find him. She could always find clothes that fit.

Alyssa Day said...

LOL. I can never find clothes that fit. It's a tradeoff!

Anne Van said...

I'm sure your hair will look great! I love the shopping in Tokyo but if you're a regular sized person clothes are beyond tough. Funny, I did a blog post about Sensoji Temple and the amazing Thunder Gate on my blog. : ) Japan so much to love!

Mana said...

Oooh that had to have been fun just people watching in between shopping. I'm so jelous!

Susan Sawadzki said...

I love to travel, when I can. It is very seldom though. I wish I could see everything you are in person. That would be nice to take my son to see in 2 years or so. When he might actually start to remember things. Right now all we do is go to and from Trenton New Jersey. And doing that hopefully the first time for christmas with him. Last year he went with my mom. As long as we can afford the train this year we will be good. Can't wait to see more pics. THanks Alyssa.

Jill said...

That temple is awesome ! Waiting for pics :)