Sunday, February 13, 2011

So you want to role play!

What is RPG? Role-playing fictional characters has been around for a long time. Many fans who love a fictional world want to participate in it in more ways than just by reading the books, and they create online personas based on that world and interact with each other. When Alyssa first became aware of this, she had admittedly mixed feelings, but ultimately she recognized this tradition for the honor it is.

In her words:

Hello, readers! Thank you to everyone who is interested in role-playing (RPG) with my characters and my worlds. At first I thought “Oh, no! They’re putting words in my characters’ mouths!” – because authors, by nature of what we do, are mostly admitted control freaks. But then I realized what an honor it is that you love my worlds enough to spend your own time and hard work to create facebook pages, worlds, etc. However, legal stuff being what it is, my publisher insists that I make you aware of the rules below, and if you are part of any RPG group based on my creation, you agree to this by default. Please read and repost at your world site.
- Alesia Holliday, aka Alyssa Day

[NOTE: A huge thank you to Dianna Love and Sherrilyn Kenyon for direction on how to approach this and for the basis of the agreement.]

Also, my publisher asked that official RPG groups post the following agreement on their sites acknowledging Alesia Holliday/Alyssa Day’s ownership of her worlds and trademarks and copyrights. Please copy and paste at your site. I’m working on an official banner and button you can post that names you an official Alyssa Day RPG site, as well.

PLEASE NOTE: Alyssa does not host, participate in or read any of the RPG groups out there.


For your records, here is the agreement you are making in order to participate in any Alyssa Day role-play game (RPG).

Thank you for wanting to participate in an Alyssa Day RPG.

By being added to the Alyssa Day and/or any website, Facebook page, myspace page or any other internet web site, group, loop or other entity that exists currently or in the future involving Alyssa Day’s worlds, you are agreeing to the following:

1) Alesia Holliday writing as Alyssa Day owns the Warriors of Poseidon and all other universes she created and all they/it entail(s), but does not monitor any kind of RPG and/or fanfic, loop, group, etc. As such, she has no control over their actions or comments and cannot be held responsible for any action or inaction those groups or individual members may or may not take. By participating on or in any loop, group, page, site, etc. you acknowledge and agree to hold Alyssa Day, her licensees, sub-licensees and associates innocent and free of any misconduct by those who are active on said loop, group, page, site, etc.

2) The characters, places, names, plot points and any and all other content contained herein are Alesia Holliday writing as Alyssa Day’s copyrighted material and property. She is permitting them to be used by others for nonprofit entertainment purposes only. Portrayals of these characters, places, and all matters contained herein do not necessarily reflect the characters, places, and all matters as portrayed in the works of Alesia Holliday writing as Alyssa Day. Anything portrayed herein should not be taken as fact or indicative of any characteristic of any character, place, or matter that may or may not appear in any past, present or future works of Alesia Holliday writing as Alyssa Day.

3) Furthermore you agree to all the following statements:

A. Alesia Holliday writing as Alyssa Day owns the intellectual property rights, copyright and trademark of the content of this loop/group/website/web page and all of her universes (past, present and future) and all pertaining therein. The content on this loop/group/website/web page is made available to visitors for noncommercial, personal, entertainment or educational purposes only. The content may not be modified in any manner from its original post and the intellectual property notice must be included on every display and copy of the content. No other use is permitted.

B. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring any right under any copyright or trademark of Alesia Holliday writing as Alyssa Day in the content provided on this loop/group/website/web page. All characters and series related terms are copyrighted terms of the series and/or universes of Alesia Holliday writing as Alyssa Day. The display of copyrighted terms, trademarks or trade names on this loop/group/website/web page does not convey or create any license or other rights in these marks or names. Any unauthorized use of these terms, trademarks and/or trade names is strictly prohibited.

C. These sites enable visitors to post comments, characters, places and other content to the site. If you post comments, or other content on any loop/group/website/web page that involves her worlds and/or universes, you grant Alesia Holliday writing as Alyssa Day and her affiliates a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, and fully sub licensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, distribute, and display such reviews, comments, or other content throughout the world in any media. You also grant Alesia Holliday writing as Alyssa Day and her affiliates and sub licensees the right to use the name that you submit with any comment, or other content, if any, in connection with such comment, or other content. You represent and warrant that you own or otherwise control all of the rights to the comments and other content that you post on any loop/group/website/web page and that use of your reviews, comments, or other content by Alesia Holliday writing as Alyssa Day and her affiliates will not infringe upon or violate the rights of any third party.

D. You understand and accept that this agreement is subject to be changed and fine-tuned from time to time to keep up with the latest trends and advancements. As such. you agree to periodically review and update this text on any and all sites that pertain to Alesia Holliday writing as Alyssa Day’s worlds and/or universes and to abide by any changes and/or additions and/or deletions.

By accepting membership and/or being added as a friend or member on any loop/group/website/web page that pertains to the worlds and/or universes of Alesia Holliday writing as Alyssa Day you agree that you have read, understood and acknowledge the above terms and agree to be legally bound by them.

Copyright notice � and TM 2011 Alesia Holliday writing as Alyssa Day. All rights reserved.

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