Tuesday, June 14, 2011

An author's sincere apology

Well, it happens. Authors mess up. I'm sure you've read books with typos or continuity errors in them (in one chapter the protagonist has black hair, in the next he's a blond). I've caught some typos in my printed books, but never before anything as egregious as this.

I SCREWED UP. I am here, with egg on my face, to apologize: No, Reisen's missing hand did not magically regenerate in the scene with Melody where she says she felt his "two big hands" on her bottom. TWO hands.


Here's how it happened: That scene originally happened with a different character, not Reisen. Reisen had a whole subplot where he was hopelessly infatuated with Serai. But that subplot took away from the book - it was a distraction, and not a good one. As a writer, my firm law is every scene must advance the plot or deepen understanding of character (preferably both) or it gets kicked. So Reisen in love with Serai? Got kicked. But then I noticed that Melody had kind of a thing for Reisen.

Instant attraction.

What could I do? I had to let them play. So the scene I'd deleted, the one in the bank vault with Melody and another character, came back. But this time I played with it and it came back with Reisen, because oh, wow, the chemistry between those two? Smoking hot!!

What I didn't do, obviously not carefully enough? Triple and quadruple check the details. Reisen did NOT magically grow back a hand. (I could have told you some mumbo-jumbo about Atlantean mental powers that made her think he had two hands, but that would be dishonest and cover-my-butt-ishness and I wouldn't do that. You deserve better.)

The simple truth is that I missed it. We all missed it, at every stage of production, but the fault and blame lies squarely with me. Every word in my books is my responsibility and I should have caught that. You can be damn sure I'll do my best to get it fixed in subsequent printings.

I'm sorry. I'm only human, and I missed this one. I hope you can forgive me.



Anonymous said...

I read the book and didn't even pick up on it. I was too deep in what was going on.

I LOVED the book and hope we don't have to wait too long for the next installment of the Hot Guys from Atlantis!!

New Port Richey, FL

Anonymous said...

I'm just starting the book.. I'm on about chapter 5 or so... Now I'm going to watch for it.

I'm so waiting for Alaric's story. that's just going to be soooo good. Hope there's more stories even after they get all the gems for the trident. I'd miss all these characters.

Crystal said...

I missed it too ... and I'm usually the first one to catch stuff like that. I think it's a credit to your writing that I was so absorbed in the story, that I didn't even notice! Thanks for working so hard for us, Alesia. Can't wait to read all about Alaric and Quinn!!!!!

Twimom227 said...

No worries! To be honest, I was so wrapped up in their smokin' chemistry that I didn't notice either! It's okay *hugs*

Alyssa Day said...

Navy Guy just said: "Tell them he's an Atlantean salamander and grew it back!"

This is why he's Navy Guy and I'm the author . . .

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading this story Sunday and I caught the "incident" with the hand thing but was so wrapped up in the story that it didn't much register. To me it wasn't much of an error to distract from the story (unless Reisen and Melody will get their own story and then it can be clarified). Loved "Vampire in Atlantis" as I have all the others in this series!!!

Nacogdoches, TX

Arlene said...

You're been too hard on yourself. I never picked that up myself.

Michelle McMichael said...

It didn't spoil the book at all for me. I was glad they where doing something about the obvious attraction they felt! Even now you've pointed it out it's still a good book! One of my favourites of the whole series to be honest. I gave it 5* :)

Looking forward to the next one. Need to know how Jack is!

(I must admit to sniggering a bit at Navy Guy's comment :))

Jill said...

I was also sooo wrapped up in the story that I didn't catch it either.

Carrie said...

Did not even notice it. Was too busy fanning myself. Stayed up until after 2 a.m. last night finishing the book. LOVED IT!

Aurian said...

The book I am reading at the moment is filled with typos, and that is much more irritating.

I still haven't received A Vampire in Atlantis, though I eagerly await it. As I just finished the previous book, Atlantis Betrayed, I want to find out about Denal! Will this be revealed, or will he get his own book as well?

Abigail [All Things Urban Fantasy] said...

I wondered about that scene, but it didn't stop me from really enjoying the book :)

HighlandHussy said...

I never picked up on it, if that helps :)
In my book, we missed a date change, so there is one teeny instance where it's 2008 again.
It's amazing how many people read it and yet we all miss things. No sweat, and super classy of you to own up to it :)

maggie said...

I have to say that I didn't notice it either. Certainly did not detract from the book. Loved it. Can't wait for Alaric's book.

Diane said...

Forgiven! I actually didn't notice until you told me I was so engrossed in the story as a whole.

shetiggerr said...

No worries. I think some readers take mistakes too seriously. Especially when it is from an author that doesn't usually make them. Love your books so please don't beat yourself up over it. It is appreciated but totally unnecessary.

Deb said...

I noticed the "oops" but thought it was a miss by the editor or just a typo. Loved the book. Especially liked to read about the others. In general, I read only series because I like the continuity and I love hearing about the characters from previous books. Here's hoping the series never ends!

Anonymous said...

OMG LOL You are so forgiven. I did notices it but ,,,,,,,,,,it was so no big deal. My god how you keep track of all the words you write is beyond me.Keep write love your work.

Anonymous said...

Atlantean Salamander? Bahahaha! Don't sweat it. I noticed it, but I figured it was a typo or something. If it bothers you that much you could write a new magical hand for him gifted by Poseidon for learning humility and redeeming himself with valor. -Melissa

Sylvia Ann said...

Dear Alyssa,
The way I see it, the chemistry between Reisen and Melody was so intense and smoking hot, it's just amazing that he didn't grow an extra pair of hands (and God knows what else... Maybe turn into an Octopus Warrior of Poseidon...) to be all over her... LOL!
Don't even give the whole thing a second thought. If it would have altered or compromised the integrity of your story you would have a reason to be upset. Not the case here at all.
Your books are just the best! It's that simple.
I'll read anything you hand out on a napkin, paper towel, with typos, bad hand writing... Just keep them coming!!!
Hugs & kisses to ya all the way from Brazil!
Sylvia Ann Costa
São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Barbara Stoner said...

I caught the error immediately, and was initially very annoyed. But, your apology was so sweet and I appreciated your sincerity. Forgiven! Looking forward to more Atlantis adventures.

Lexcia said...

I picked it up, read it again to make sure, Said "How did that happen?" and moved on. Like other readers have said, it didn't detract from the story. If there is a reprint with the correction please let me know and give it a new title or cover so I can purchase it and see the changes. Like others I am waiting for Alaric's Story.

I see you have an e book out for Alejandro. Where will I be able to purchase it? (Direct from your website I hope.) I'm not into e-books and much prefer hard copy (My age is showing there I guess.) I would also like to read Denal's story.

Lawnton, Qld, Aust