Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Insomnia really REALLY stinks

Have had 6 hours total sleep in the past 4 days. But I get to do really constructive things, like raise my winning percentage at the Hearts game on my computer to 26% and find little-known internet gems like my new obscure British title:

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Milady the Most Honourable Alesia the Prickly of Biggleswade by Biscuit
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Post yours here if you're bored! Oh, and any cures for insomnia would be awesome.
Alyssa, off to drink more coffee


Suzette said...

Lady Suzette the Innocent of St Winifred by Winchelsea

I wish I could help with the imsomnia but I'm clueless.

Stacy L. said...

Alyssa, I am Empress Stacy the Prohibited of Lower Beanthrop in the Hedge. ROFLOL Unfortunately, I have no cures for insomnia for you. My SIL suffers from chronic insomnia and nothing seems to help her. Have you tried excercising? I usually have insomnia if there is something I'm worrying about or an issue I need to resolve. Not that that helps any, I'm just sympathizing with you. Hope you get some sleep soon. And good job on the Hearts score!


Cindy Holby said...

Entirely Miss Reverend Lady Cynthia the Ambidexterous of Lower Slaughter

I went with Cynthia instead of Cindy. If I'm going to have a title, I'll do it all the way.

Bayoumermaid said...


Uhm...is it decaf? "Cause, and I don't know how to tell you this nicely, coffee KEEPS YOU AWAKE!! For insomnia, I have always been told to drink warm milk. Scalded, actually. I also have always believed that you start going to sleep out of self-defense. Milk without coffee is a travesty...lol

There's always melatonin. I have a friend with severe insomnia and he hates to take Ambien and such due to the possibilty of addiction. Evidently melatonin can be found in health stores and is not addictive. It seems to really work for him.

My hearts score has really suffered since the twins have been born! I am down to 13% - it counts unfinished-due-to-screaming-2-year-old games in it's percentages! Does THAT seem fair?

Of course, if I could find the self discipline and the little monkeys would actually *nap*...I'd get farther along in the book I am trying to write! *sigh*

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear about the insomnia -- I say "Hail Mary's" and make sure I've taken my thyroid medication. If you don't have an overactive thyroid and aren't Catholic, they might not work for you ;)
Congratulations on the new babies! Cute photos.

Anonymous said...

Mizu -> My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is Her Excellency Melissa the Ambidexterous of Westessexchestershire

Anonymous said...

Alyssa, I am Venerable Lady Lisa the Insouciant of Melbury Bubblewick. Sorry about your insomnia, I'm averaging about the same hours as you. And I'm getting really good at Bejeweled Deluxe!!!!!