Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Start spreading the news . . .

New York!!! My favorite city in the entire world!!! I'm here for an entire week and having a blast. We have an amazing apartment (see above for view from my window) and the week is jam-packed with fun, sights-seeing, shopping, museums, spending time with Best Editor in the World, and going to shows. Tonight is Little Mermaid on Broadway. Okay, must run but enjoy the pics!! I'll try to post more daily.

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Sheri said...

My daughter is SO totally jealous of you right now! She wants to go to New York so bad--actually she thinks she wants to live there and I keep telling her it isn't anything like what she sees on TV.

But looking at these pictures--hmmmm. I may have to go with her when she goes!! Is that a river in the distance? How does it compare to Chicago? I love Chicago... (sigh) Hope you are having a great time--looks like it!!