Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Yes, I'm still singing sea with Ursula's song from The Little Mermaid on Broadway (go here for a wonderful snippet if you have time; it has music) last night. (Ursula was played by Meredith Inglesby and she ROCKED THE HOUSE!!!!) Why do I always love the villains best?? Hmm, maybe something to ponder later . . .

The funniest part was when Sebastian made a reference to "Grandpappy Poseidon" and we cracked up!! I was with a very good friend who knows my books and Best (Assistant) Editor in the World, so they laughed so hard and tried to convince me to use the line in my books!! Can't you just see Ven saying something like that when Riley has her baby???

We had dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner before the theater and it was amazing! All of the wait staff are aspiring singers and dancers and actors, so they sang all through dinner - some of them will be on Broadway very soon, if the level of voice talent is any indicator!! The girls had an amazing time.

And, best of all, I'll post more pictures in a few minutes!

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Turbuhlence said...

Actually, I could so picture Ven saying really do have to incorporate it into the's kind of a must do now. LOL I'm so glad your having such a good time in NYC. After all, a happy author is one that writes more! Yes, I'm a totally selfish person, I'm always jonesing for "more"!