Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cold snap!!

35 degrees overnight!! In Florida!! I pulled out the LL Bean jackets for the kids. I *love* it - it's great writing weather. Anybody actually seeing snow yet?? My daughter has never seen snow (that she remembers). I need to travel to snow this winter!!
alyssa, back to the book! Yay!!

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Stacy L. said...

It is chilly down here in the Houston area also. I love this weather. It is clear, cool, and crisp. I'm just hoping it warms up some for Halloween. I'm going as an Atlantian Goddess and my daughter is going as a Greek Goddess. Those outfits are going to be chilly if it doesn't warm up.

We actually got snow here about 3 Christmas' ago. We came out of Christmas Eve mass and it was snowing. It was very cool. But my daughter hasn't seen snow since and would love to go someplace where she could build a snowman. LOL

Stacy L.