Friday, October 03, 2008

Happy weekend!

I'm fighting another giant headache but managed to have lunch with a friend and stop by the bookstore. Picked up Julia Quinn's MR. CAVENDISH, I PRESUME - even if you're not a historical romance fan, read Julie. Her dialogue is wonderful - it sparkles right off the page. And she is one of the nicest people on the planet, so it's just a feel good purchase all the way around. Found John Irving's UNTIL I FIND YOU on the remainder table for $7 instead of the $15 that the paperback version cost, so I bought the heavy hard cover version and splurged for another pumpkin spice latte with the difference. Also the dog whisperer's newest - with 4 dogs it can't hurt to learn all that I can learn about keeping my furry herd in line. (Saw him on BONES and was fascinated.)

My lovely editor cover conferenced ATLANTIS UNMASKED yesterday; I can't wait to see the art they come up with for him. I'll share as soon as I see it.

Oh, and let's see how this works:

Happy weekend!!


Stacy L. said...

Allysa - You know we are all counting down the days. It has been way too long since we had a WoP book.

Did you have to go see Beverly Hills Chihuahua this weekend. I have to admit it was pretty cute. And my daughter loved it!

Don't forget to post those chapters you promised! LOL


Stacy L. said...

Yikes! I just realized I spelled your name the way my niece spells her name, not the way you do. Sorry!!!