Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Navy Guy made me deadline brownies

Yesterday was a bad, bad day. Bad. Darling husband came home and provided big hugs and homemade brownies. With walnuts. Lucky, lucky Alyssa.

Also, there was a pug bath, because how can you be sad with this for entertainment??

Please everybody share your de-stress tips with me!! Thanks!!


Stacy L. said...

Alyssa, those brownies look yummy. I like vanilla ice cream with mine. LOL And walnuts are a destressing food! Eat more of them!!

Excercise helps me to destress usually. Escaping into a really good book helps too. But the best thing for my stress level is if there is something I can do to address the problem, i.e., stressing about doing Christmas shopping: go out and get some gifts knocked off the list.

Good luck hitting your deadlines and I hope you are having a better day.

Stacy L.

Amy said...

Brownies and dogs that don't stink? Perfect de-stress.