Friday, May 29, 2009

Countdown continues!!

3 days!! Woohoo!!

OK, the news is flowing in fast and furious:

1. I'm at Running with Quills this weekend, talking about why Sundays are hard. Please stop by!

2. Doug Knipe, aka SciFiGuy, emailed me to say that Unleashed is different from any paranormal romance he has read in the past and guys will love it, too!! His review is HERE - and I especially LOVED this part:

what I discovered was an action romance that very much reminded me of Golden Age pulp fiction, bigger than life, full of alpha heroes and smart heroines, Gods and Goddesses, mystery, magic, and exotic locations. Think Saturday afternoon matinee Tarzan adventures or Doc Savage tempered with intelligent modern female protagonists.

3. Borders reports in that I'll be prominently displayed up front in the stores! LOVE Borders!!

4. The rest of the world discovers what WE already knew - reading romance is GOOD for you!!!

5. I'm the featured author at wonderful Australian bookstore EVER AFTER!!!

6. Dear friends Toni McGee Causey and Yasmine Galenorn have books out Tuesday, too!! I had the privilege of reading CHARMED AND DANGEROUS by Toni and Yasmine's DEMON MISTRESS in ARC format and they're both FABULOUS!!! June 2nd is super book shopping day!!!

7. Once I get Brennan and Tiernan out of trouble for the day in ATLANTIS REDEEMED, I'm off to take the kids to see UP!

Happy weekend, everyone!! I'll be posting more news Saturday and Sunday, so stay tuned!



Amber said...

Yea for you

K Giardina said...

Congratulations!! I'll be headed to my local bookseller Monday after work!

Diane Sadler said...

found your book today and started reading during my lunch time; am enjoying already

Suzette said...

Oye! I really want this. May pick it up on Tuesday/today.