Thursday, May 28, 2009

Countdown is on!!!!!

According to the countdown clock, at the moment I'm writing this it's only:
4 days
or 107 hours
or 6475 minutes till ATLANTIS UNLEASHED is released!!!!

I've got exciting things happening every day so I'll be sure to post updates here!! For now, here's a sneak peek to a TV segment that will be appearing all over the country starting today! You can see it at (click on Military Wife) or go direct to the clip on YouTube HERE.

In the meantime, the great reviews are pouring in!! I'm so thrilled and grateful that my readers were patient enough to wait for Justice's book. I love you all!!


Lily said...

WOOHOO! I saw you this morning on BetterTV, and just had to congratulate you on your successes. I've been writing since I was a little girl, and though my seventh grade English teacher assured me she would be there at my book signing, I have yet to have anything published yet. Then again, I AM only 23 years old. But... I was wondering if you had any advice on how to get STARTED on a memoir. I have so many ideas that they all get caught up in it all, and end up deciding not to write. Any ideas? Prompts? Of course, I realise you are busy, so I will understand if I don't hear back. :) Congrats again!!! And keep up with the awesome writing!

Cybercliper said...

Congrats on all the great reviews!! I've already been scouting for Atlantis Unleashed and usually I'm able to find books a few days before the actual release - so far no luck :o( but I'll keep trying!! Worse case scenario, I get it June 2nd!

Alyssa Day said...

Hi Lily!! Thanks!! The most important thing for a memoir is to have a hook - what is the most fascinating thing that has happened to you so far? The funniest, strangest, most terrifying, most controversial, most . . . you get it. :) And THAT'S where your story starts. Go from there, with narrow-scope, laser-like focus, and your story will start to take shape for you. Good luck!!

Alyssa Day said...

LOL. Thanks for looking, Cybercliper! And actually, waiting till June 2nd release day is best for me, because early sales don't count toward the bestseller lists. Hitting bestseller lists=happy publisher=Alyssa gets to write more Warriors of Poseidon books! Yay!!