Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Writing Wednesday

Oh, wow, the week has been getting away from me! Much kidlet stuff this week. I helped Princess's class work on their writing skills for the state test FCAT writes, and they all passed with flying colors! Much joy and I baked cupcakes to take into class today.

Also, Science Boy turns 12 Saturday (how did THAT happen???) He was JUST BORN! GAK! So there has been much secret and not-so-secret shopping as the new Nintendo DSi he's desperate for has made its way to my house. Just need to wrap it and hide it till Saturday . . .

So, in brief: Movie Monday - who saw Wolverine?? Thoughts? Love Hugh, love Gambit, a little disappointed. Not what I expected, no humor, too grim. Can't wait for Star Trek this weekend!

TV Tuesday, I admit to watching Biggest Loser and I cried when they finished that marathon. How affirming!! Anybody else a fan? Or did you catch American Idol? How was it?

Writing Wednesday: Have you checked out the excerpt for Atlantis Unleashed yet?? And I know, I need to put the back cover copy on the site. Doing that as soon as I finish my chapter of Redeemed today. have a great Wednesday!!


Cybercliper said...

Wow, you have been busy! Congrats on the FCAT assist. I know that's always a stressful period for the students and parents alike.

Haven't seen Wolverine yet, but plan to this weekend (need my Hugh Jackman fix, "sigh")...and hubby has scheduled Star Trek for next weekend...excitedly waiting on your June and July releases...

ann marie said...

You are one busy bee. Happy Mother's Day. :)

Nancy J. Cohen said...

You're just a ball of energy, doing all that with a sick kid too.
I'm a confirmed Trekkie and I loved the new film too. My review is on my blog: