Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Conference hangover

I'm back from New York, where I had such an incredibly fabulous time. I had my meetings at Berkley (my publisher) and it was tons of fun to see and hear about all the excitement there over the success of ATLANTIS RISING. Dinner at Un, Deux, Trois Wednesday night was much fun (and delicious!) with fab authors Marianne Mancusi, Liz Maverick, JoAnn Ross and many more!

My editor and agent and I ate lunch at a wonderful seafood restaurant, my agent and I hit Bloomies, and then the PASIC conference was superb!

I ducked out of the conference a little early for previously made plans to spend the weekend with the lovely and talented Lani Diane Rich and Jenny Crusie in an apartment in the Village and I'd tell you about all of our intense literary discussions, but you'd laugh in my face and force me to 'fess up about tons of chocolate and Cheetos (puffed, not crunchy). And the ugly dogs. And the "I'm gonna blog that, baby." I know, I know, you wish you had high-minded friends like I do.

And now I'm home and back to work (after the 8 loads of laundry the kids managed to rack up back here with their grandparents) and feeling cranky and out of sorts. It's post-conference hangover, I'm sure. All the excitement, all the fun, all the friends -- all over. But luckily the thrill of writing ATLANTIS AWAKENING is making up for it - and looking forward to WILD THING May 1st. RT BookClub just gave it a rocking great review - When top paranormal authors team up, one thing is certain: You're bound to get top-notch reading. . . . This is great stuff!

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