Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Puppy love

Peanut in the doll carriage

I love my dogs in a huge and crazy way. Honestly, I'm a huge pet lover - all kinds of pets. Just wanted to share this pic for fun, and to make Jenny crazy since she hates it when people put pics of their dogs on their websites. heh heh. If you get a chance, tell me about your pet!


Melissa said...

LOL Alyssa, I think your puppy is adorable. I have two cats... My kitten is a long haired white girl with one green eye and one Blue eye, she is my little healer. :) Her name is Valkyrie, my little warrior also.
I also have a Calico, also long hair, her name is Magical.... Okay, Magestic Magical of the Iron Paw, Queen of All She Surveys. She is 17 and hates me right now because I had her shaved... too many matted knots in her hair.

Just thought I would share.
I know you are under time crunch right now. :)

Lady Karana

Larissa said...

Alyssa LOL: I have four Schnauzers and I LOVE them very much. Dogs have a way to feel you and understand when you really need a partner. When I am sad they just curl up with me in the bed. If I am around the house they start taking out their toys, bringing them to me. But the best part is arriving home and know that there is always a happy tail for me. Take care.