Saturday, April 21, 2007

An evening of glam

We dressed up and went out last night to the Dining Out for officers of the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman, the ship where Judd is assigned for his disassociated sea tour. (This means instead of being in a flying squadron, his normal home, he spends a couple of years aboard a ship. Of course, he spent 5 years on submarines, but that's a different story.)

The Dining Out is a formal event with stylized rituals based on centuries-old traditions of sailors and soldiers celebrating a safe return from battle and honoring the lives of those who have fallen. Last night was no different; there was a very poignant tribute to the empty table representing those we have lost.

And there was celebrating, too - a lot of silliness blowing off steam and the tension of the month-long state of constant readiness from the training mission they'd just completed.

Oh, and drinking. Did I mention there was drinking? I, quite patriotically I believed, contributed my share:

And there were a few pranks. One of the guys at our table was a little concerned that he was supposed to drink the water glass at his place. The one with the live goldfish in it. Luckily for Nemo lovers everywhere, the fish was spared.

Sending a shout out of support to all the families of our armed forces. Whoever said being a Navy wife was the toughest job in the Navy wasn't kidding. And, just because I'm a little biased, here's the cutest Navy guy I know:


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