Friday, July 20, 2007


MOVING MISADVENTURES: Clearly I have mummificationphobia, fear of death by dry skin. I'm packing up the bathroom and I have TWENTY-SEVEN different jars, tubes, and bottles of various moisturizer, lotion, moisturizing mask, creams, you name it. All tools in the desperate fight to battle the dry and arid climate of . . . VIRGINIA??? FLORIDA??? Two of the most humid climates on the planet, if you don't live in an actual rainforest.

What was I THINKING???? ::headdesk::

Of course, our power went out last night after a particularly exciting wind and thunderstorm, so I was trying to go through the galley pages of ATLANTIS AWAKENING by lantern light. VERY VERY exciting. This is how cavewomen authors had to do it. Or something. Frankly, I'm on the second handful of dark-chocolate covered espresso beans, and I can't be counted on to be coherent in any way.

At least I'm well moisturized. Oh, and the blue hair is gone, sadly. Thought I should look a little less fringe-of-society dealing with realtors and etc. Plus I got layers, finally giving up and letting all the natural curl come through. Anybody who makes any Farrah Fawcett cracks can rest assured that I've already thought of them. LOL.


Sandra said...

No Farrah Fawcett comments. But I will say that for some reason looking at the new you, I'm wondering where the pixie wings are. The hair looks great though.

Ann M. said...

LOL.. mummification?

As someone who has gone traipsing through the rainforest during the winter - don't toss out the lotion. :)

Glad to see you got power back and great haircut, too.

Alyssa Day said...

Oh, no, Sandra!! I look like Tinkerbell??? ROFL. And I always wanted to look tough and exotic . . . I will say the "lighten pic" feature on Picasa really helps disguise the dark circles under my eyes from 3 a.m. packing. :)

Melissa said...

Giggle, I don't think cavewomen but Laura Ingells Wilder most likely started that way. LOL And she is the reason I keep trying to write well enough to get published.... her and Louis May Allcott. Glad your power is back on though. Pixie..... yep, I know that look. When I go real short with my hair that is what I look like too. LOL I bet you are cute... a really tall pixi.... LOL

As far a mostuizers go..... I have about as many.... but I rarely use them.... can never remember to. And I still keep buying them. LOL

See, I could never be married to a Military man.... sigh, I have a moving phobia. LOL

Cheryl said...

I like the new do! LOL pixie wings! But it fits!
Almost like one of the novels, looking sweet but inner core of steel, kick ---!


RandomRanter said...

Hey, when dealing with humidity, fighting the curl is a losing battle - so embrace it! Very nice!