Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy July!!

If you could see my office, you would laugh. I'm sitting surrounded by 8-foot-high stacks of cardboard boxes. The movers are coming to load us up the 25th of this month, which is only (AACKK!!) 3 weeks from now!! So it's going to be a crazy month. Today I'm guest blogging at Romance Bandits, so please drop by and say hi.

Once Upon a Romance just posted their review of WILD THING, and made my story a Featured Review!! Made me feel all warm and fuzzy. :) I'm so happy when people love my characters and stories, too.

For the many of you taking vacation this week, may your days be filled with sunshine and laughter and your picnics ant-free!
ps I have a surprise in store for those of you I'll see next week in Dallas!


Pam W. said...

A surprise? For us? (dancing from foot to foot, waving hands frantically) Ooh--like I wasn't having enough trouble keeping calm and relaxed before next week, now you go and throw a surprise in there for us? You are too wonderful! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Pam!! Woo Hoo! Surprises! Can't wait to see you again in Dallas, meeting you at RT in Houston was a blast.


P.S. Pirate Pete has been very good and behaving himself! LOL

Alyssa Day said...

Stacy, you bad girl! What have you and my pirate love been up to? lol. Pam I'm dancing, too! only a week till I get on the plane!! Yikes, I have to finish Ethan's story before then!

Stacy said...

**cracks whip at Alyssa** You must finish Ethan's story!!! You know how badly I want Brennan's! (As if I have any say in the matter. LOL)

Safe travels and I'll see you in Dallas.