Friday, July 27, 2007

A picture's worth a thousand boxes . . .

And ziploc storage bags are the greatest invention EVER for moving. The Cox cable guy is due to show up any second to rip my internet connection from my clutching hands, so the next installment will be from the road. Have a great weekend, everybody!


Melissa said...

I would be losing my mind!!!!!!!!! I simpathize with you.... best wishes for a safe journey. :)

Stacy L. said...

ROFLOL at all the moving entries on your blog. We moved into our current house two years ago and I still have boxes I haven't unpacked. I've been in a spring cleaning mood recently and have been doing alot of what you outlined - especially on the clothes. Oh, and you only have 72 pairs of shoes? I think we need to compare notes. LOL

I hope the move is going well and trust me - none of us mind if Justice's story will be long...we love long, good books! And Ethan and Marie...can you beg for more space in the anthology? I know, I know, I'm a complete pig!

Happy Trails!