Monday, July 23, 2007

One more day . . .

until the packers come to pack up my life for my move. Blogging and internet will be sporadic for a while. I finished the galleys for ATLANTIS AWAKENING today and am shipping those corrections off to NY in the morning so the book is done and ready to go to printing!! Yippee!! I also ran off some copies of the galleys for reviewers and will be getting those out in the mail, too.

Progressing on Ethan, too - I hope to email his story (Shifter's Lady) to my editor by the beginning of the week. He's so fascinating and his interaction with Marie is so much fun to write. I think I'm in another - "Wow, I wish this were a full book, instead of only a novella" mode on him!!

Justice's life is getting more and more dark and complicated so his book, ATLANTIS UNLEASHED, is looking to come in fairly long. I am so deeply into the Warriors' world right now that moving is a terrible inconvenience. Sigh. Not to mention the whole house hunt thing. But lovely Navy Guy spoiled me with a saphire "I appreciate you for going through yet another household move with me" ring tonight, so I'm feeling fairly happy in spite of the stress. :)

And of course if the insomnia gets too bad, I have a certain 7th book about a boy wizard on reserve . . .



Angela/SciFiChick said...

Yea, can't wait!

Darla said...

Woo Hoo on the galleys for AA. I can't wait to read it!

Good luck with the move...been there and done that, both the military way when I was a kid and the do it yourself way. Its going to take a very large crowbar to ever get me to move again! LOL

What a nice thing for NG to do! I love saphires, their also my birth stone.

Good luck with the move, heres to everything going smoothly! Have a gread day!