Friday, February 08, 2008

Oh, oh. Brennan's in trouble . . .

from ATLANTIS UNLEASHED, coming in August (but don't forget SHIFTER coming in 3 weeks!!) I'm on the final week of this book and thought I'd share little snippets so you don't forget about poor Lord Justice, trapped by Anubisa . . .


Before Alexios could move, Brennan flashed through the room, a miniature meteor shower of sparkling mist blasting through the air in his wake. He swept the woman up into his arms and turned to face Alexios and Christophe. He bared his teeth at them; all that naked rage and fury was once again on his face and battling with something else. Something shining and deadly, like an unsheathed sword.

Something Alexios had never once seen from Brennan.

But he’d definitely seen that look from someone else recently. When Prince Conlan looked at Riley, his bride-to-be.


“Damn,” he muttered.

“Brennan, put down the nice human,” Christophe said, grinning. “She’s--"

Mine,” Brennan said flatly. “She’s mine. Come near her and die.”

Alexios lowered his sword arm and sheathed his weapon, then sighed and lifted his head to stare at the ceiling. “Great. Just freaking outstanding. Unconscious bloody humans, Justice possibly in the Void, and Brennan has lost his tiny little mind. Welcome to my nightmare.”

An icy wind sheared through the room and materialized into the form of high priest Alaric, clad all in black that was only alleviated by the shimmering silvery green light of the power glowing in his eyes. “You are in luck, warrior. I specialize in nightmares.”

- copyright 2008, Alesia Holliday writing as Alyssa Day & Berkley Publishing Group


Jessie said...

Aieee! *runs over to show this snipper to reader friend* Oh man. Poor unloved Warriors. They can't win to lose. *grins* Dropping like flies, aren't they?;)

Stacy L. said...

**Happy Dance** BRENNAN!!!!!! OMG!!!!! Alyssa, I knew you had been thinking about him but I was totally clueless to the fact you were working on his story!!!! My favorite WoP is getting his HEA!!! OMG!!!! I'm a little excited can you tell? LOL

A very happy Stacy

Pearl said...

Oh.My.God....When is Brennan's book coming? Any idea? Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!

Conlan was my #1 favorite WoP but Brennan follows really close and this little tidbit proves why *sigh*