Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Snippets from the universe of Karma

Things never to say:

1. My child would NEVER act like that! (the parenting fates will smack you down for this one, every time!)

2. I NEVER miss deadlines or ask for extensions! (until you've had to deal with a lot of deadlines, one on top of the other, in addition to a few life crises at the same time, saying this is just annoying to every other writer in the world)

Things never to do:

1. Go in the express lane at the grocery with way more than the designated number of items.

2. Tailgate another driver. Just DON'T do it. Ever. Especially to me. The next minivan that rides my tail because they're so hot to break the speed limit in my neighborhood is going to be very unpleasantly surprised when I stop dead in the middle of the road, get out of the car, and start yelling.

3. Separate me from the Diet Coke or chocolate on deadline.

Alyssa, a teensy bit stressed out (could you tell??)


Suzanne said...

Ah yes, the child statement- I found that the fates will smack you down for it, they did it to me, 4 times! lol
The deadline one. Never say never, thats my thing in life, because it always comes back to bite you lol

The express lane is one that i take notice of, and most of my friends do, but there are still rude people out there.

2. Lmao! I can just see that happening too! I bet they would be shocked!

3. Chocolate and diet coke are both very caffeinated. I have learnt from experience that they only make things worse.

Hope you are less stressed soon!

Melissa said...


Stressed??? Na, not you. :) Just because it is deadline time, it is no reason to go manic. LOL

We Love you just as you are, and yes we want your books as fast as you can turn them out, but it is okay if you need to step back sometimes.

a devote reader, impaitent but willing to wait.