Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Very bad day

Migraine. Book not going well. And when I went outside to take the kids to school, I see that some rotten kids in the neighborhood have moved my light-up Santa in my front yard so he looks like he's acting quite lasciviously and possibly illegally toward my light-up polar bear.

They broke the leg off the polar bear, too, which REALLY ticked me off. On the walk around the neighborhood with dogs, we notice that ALL of the yards have been punked. Every light-up reindeer in the neighborhood is mounting another reindeer, for example. Seems like there was a time that I would have found that funny. Not today. Did I mention bad day?

Rotten little turds. Is there a law against duct taping Santa-defiling kids to each other and dragging them home to their parents? I mean, this was SANTA. Grr.

Send some cheerful vibes my way, okay?


Ann M. said...

Oh.. dear. Sending calming thoughts your way. Sounds like you are having what we call in my household a "Jonah Day."

The poor polar bear.

I'd say it was Wednesday and the week is almost over but that is here in OZ.

May those kids gets lots of coal in their stockings.

RandomRanter said...

Cheerful vibes.

Stacy L. said...

Oh, that is bad, really, really, bad. My daughter would have been heart broken if one of our deer were wounded like your polar bear. Not to mention, that I would have reacted alot like you. Sending lots of happy thoughts your way. And I hope you and your neighbors catch the rotten kids!


Pamk said...

sending cheerful vibes your way but hoping you find the culprits and do what you said. After finding out it was kids I'd have left them that way lol

Darla said...

Picturing punks in duct tape hanging in tree for decorations as punishment! Anyone got any snowballs?? LOL

Hope your migraine goes away SOON!

Nickle said...

hmmm, cheerful vibes. Ok. George Clooney, naked, handing you a cosmopolitan. A Target credit card with 5,000 dollars on it. A new pair of Jimmy Choos patent pumps, in cigar. Ben and Jerry's Americone Dream flavor with no calories. Clive Owens. Sipping a latte at a sidewalk cafe in Paris. Sipping a latte at a sidewalk cafe with Clive Owens. Dancing with the Chippendale Stars. Britney Spears in parenting bootcamp.

Alyssa Day said...

Hee. Clive Owens and latte and Paris. I'm totally cheered up now!!

Following the Lord's Path said...


I reveiwed both of your Warriors of Poseidon books and nominated them for best book of the year award on Longandshortreviews.com

Hope this perks up your day!

Stacy L. said...

Alyssa - I have to add another comment after talking to my sister last night. Someone stole the wreath off her door while she was home! And they left some hideous thing (her words) on her door mat as a replacement. She isn't even sure what it is they left. LOL So, I had to tell her what happened to you and your neighbors. She couldn't believe your story and wanted to know what happened to the spirit of Christmas. I hope both of you guys have a better week.


Kathy said...

As a fellow migraine sufferer, you totally have my sympathy. And it's terrible the way kids are now. *hugs*