Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I'm getting all sorts of reader mail from people who are annoyed that Quinn is a vampire - she is totally NOT a vampire!! The blood bond is only the first step toward that process. So if you were worried - rest assured!

Oh, and you're going to find out something very surprising about the Atlantean priesthood in Justice's book.
Alyssa, diving back into the book


Stacy L. said...

LOL. Alyssa, one of my friends and I had this discussion after we read the book. I even had to read that section back to her, along with the section about Deirdre not being dead.

And now you have me all impatient for Alric's story! LOL

Hope you had a great T'day.


~suzi~ said...

I actually wasnt too worried about whether she was vampire or not,im more concerned about seeing Alaric's reaction to her having a blood bond with Daniel and not knowing where she is!
I was flabbergasted at Justice going with Anubisa by the way! Just threw me totally,i think i even shed a few tears over it!
So now im waiting (not so patiently) for Justice's story :) May cant come quick enough!

Take care hon *hugs*

suzi xox