Friday, December 28, 2007


I'm guessing I'm not alone in experiencing a strange sore achiness the day after Christmas. I woke up to pain in my neck and shoulder, and a certain odd soreness in my right arm.

You guessed it -- I'd been Wii-d.

Countless games of bowling and golf; had to try out the baseball, of course!! Moving my poor body in unusual ways. My poor husband has tennis Wiielbow. . .

Now it's time to pack away all the holiday decorations and tackle the dreaded year-end filing changeover task. I am sitting in my office surrounded by boxes (but rocking out to my new iPod, which I absolutely LOVE, not that I'll ever admit it to all the Apple nuts I happen to know - I watched the first 4 eps of season 1 of Supernatural on it over the past few days. woo hoo!!)

Then it's back to work. How about you? Doing anything fun during the holidays? Any onerous tasks you're taking on now that you'd like a "poor baby" for?



Stacy L. said...

ROFLOL. We don't have any Wiinjuries yet but I will tell you that there have been a lot of "Dad!", "Mom!", "I need help up here!". LOL

The big task at my house is putting away all the Christmas decorations. The biggest one is taking the garland down off the stairs. I think I will start undecorating tomorrow.

My big gift was the Sony ereader. The only problem with it is that mine had a line down the middle of the screen so my husband had to mail it back. Don't know when I'll have a new one. **sigh**

Hope everyone is having a great holiday!


Nickle said...

yes, we have been Wii'd also. That wacky Santa, he brought one to the Nickle household along with some Mario games and SIMS Castaway. Oh, and Lego Star Wars Complete Saga, which is highly addictive. If I could find a real lego figure of Princess Leia I'd buy it in a heartbeat, it has the donut hair and everything. I so completely suck like a hoover at tennis, but I bowl pretty well, and gotta say, the boxing is quite the workout. We've made miis and we've looked at the channels and it's fun. Stacy, we just moved into this house about ten days before Thanksgiving, so instead of putting the Christmas stuff away to just drag out a couple of weeks later, I went ahead and put the tree and stuff up. That stuff went down, baby, down, yesterday, because I'm so tired of looking at it. Happy holidays to all of you and yours!

MoMMY said...

I had Wii-arm the other day. My husband finds it pathetic that a video game caused me to be sore, but 4 hours over the course of one day puts a lot of strain on the arm and shoulder. Ya know? I did rest it yesterday by reading the first WofP book of yours. Wondering how fast amazon can send me the others...

Jessie said...

I have no Wii ailments. Of course the last system I owned was a Sega Genesis, when it was new and there were only like five games available. I think I got burnout on Super Nintendo. I played with my little brother's Playstation once, but it didn't turn out well. At all. I think the desire to throw the controller at the wall was a good clue that maaybe my temperament wasn't best suited for electronic games. I'll just have to stick with flash games online. *grins*

I wish I had spent the money back when Amazon had Wiis for like 80 buck though. I like easy games, and for that price, I could learn slowly.

Apparently my big gift was a portably DVD player in pink. And the more shocking thing being that I *liked* the pink. It's so cute. Now I just need to go on vacation to watch it, since it's kinda useless for me until then. Chuga (my computer) works wonders for that right now.

Mommy, I did the same thing, actually. Though, not from Wii, but my Neopets obsession that's kinda sad. And I finished Ven's story today. Lucky for me, we're going on errands tomorrow, so I can get Bastien's.

And to that Ms Day, thank you for writing a terrific story that actually has me wishing it was real. WofP sound like my kinda people. What, I can't be the only female that loves to watch things that go boom movies because it's got guns, violence, and explosions.

Stacy L. said...

Nickle - I started taking most of my decorations down yesterday and hope to finish later today. The outside is already all put up and the tree is almost entirely dismantled, the garland is down, etc. I love the holidays but the set-up and take down is daunting. Congrats on the new house, hope you are enjoying it!

My daughter is at my in-laws so I'm getting a Wii break. Yay! LOL

Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!


Alyssa Day said...

Stacey let me know how you like the Sony when you get one that works. I'm thinking of getting the Kindle - that wifi download is tempting!!

OOH, Nickle, Lego Star Wars??? Groan. My poor amazon bill . . . Also I desperately want Dance Dance Revolution

Mommy! (which is weird to write, lol) Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the book!!

Jessie, thank you so much!!! No, you're not the only one. I'm the one who admits to picking Resident Evil over the latest chick flick sometimes . . . I have many facets to my personality. LOL