Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Giving good things to the universe

I was speaking at my local chapter of Romance Writers of America Saturday (First Coast Romance Writers here in Jacksonville, if you'd like to join us) on a panel and one speaker, the lovely and talented Tracy Montoya, said something that really resonated with me. If someone in the group said something negative about herself, Tracy would advise "giving it back to the universe" -- in other words, don't offer such negativity; don't allow it into your life.

I love this.

So many times during my life, I've fallen in with negative thinking and negative thinkers. Woe is me, life is terrible, this job sucks, my bosses are out to get me. Unfortunately, I tend to be somewhat like a sponge for negative energy, so I soak it up and reflect it back, to the universe, if you will. And though I firmly do *NOT* believe that "bad things happen to bad people" - I worked pro bono for abused and neglected children, enough said -- I do believe that it is possible to view life's events through a prism that can be distorted.

It certainly happens to those of us who have suffered through depression; it's hard to see the light from the bottom of the black pit.

So for 2009 and beyond I'm going to try to find, if not rose-colored glasses, at least those without the shades of black and gray. I'll offer it back to the universe. I hope everybody can join me in this.

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