Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy almost weekend!

I'm back into Brennan's book in a big way; the curse he's under is making life very very tricky for him (and for me, not that he cares!) and for his heroine Tiernan! (You'll meet her in Justice's book.) When I was finishing up copyedits for Alexios, the absolutely perfect ending scene came to me and it was so lovely that it made me choke up a little writing it. I hope you love it, too. You'll meet Grace in Justice's book, too, by the way. OH! And for a little teaser, I put the first chapter of Brennan in the end of Alexios! Yay!

I just realized I toss those terms around and it might be helpful if I actually explained, LOL: copyedits are the stage where the manuscript comes back to me with the copyeditor's grammar and punctuation corrections - evidently I have a semicolon problem, who knew? - and continuity issues like "Hey! this character had brown hair in chapter 2, why is it purple in chapter 4?" and it's my last chance to make any substantial changes to the book.

After that, the next thing I'll see are the galleys or page proofs, where the pages are actually typeset so they look like the actual printed pages in the book will look and I'm only allowed to make very minor corrections at that stage, like fixing a typo.

Well, in other news, my darling baby is turning 9 on Sunday (how did that happen??? she was just born!!!) so I'm off to buy ingredients for her cake and maybe a gift or two.

May you all have a lovely lovely weekend.


Jessie said...

One: Happy Birthday to your baby.

Two: You have the semicolon problem, and I'll keep the comma, splicing issues. ;)

Three: I can't wait for more books. I love books.

Kate Douglas said...

Love the covers and I can't WAIT until the book comes out. I've got WILD THING sitting on my shelf and just realized I've already read this one (yes, I bought the trade, too!) which means I need to wait until June, I guess, for my next Warriors of Poseidon fix...I need to make lists of my books before I go shopping...

Great covers and your name looks absolutely lovely. Happy Birthday to your baby! Nine? Sheesh...time goes by WAY too fast!