Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's an addiction

TV. Love great TV. Shows I'm having great fun with lately:

1. The Mentalist - Simon Baker. Yummy. Plus the writing is smart, funny, and with that hint of danger/madness that always intrigues me.

2. Leverage: Timothy Hutton is superb, but this really is an ensemble show. Just when I think I love Sophie best, Porter the little orphan-turned-thief will do something terrific. And the guys on the show are all funny and smart and sexy. What's not to like??

3. Of course, the old standby, the new season of American Idol. I actually like the new judge; she's a songwriter and makes actual sense when she has comments.

But I have a dirty little secret: I'm giving up most of my TV watching because I'm having so much fun with the books I'm writing that I keep ignoring the TV to write "just one more page." LOL!!

So tell me: what great shows are you watching now? What have you given up on, like I did on Heroes?
oh and P.S. if you're a teacher, I admire the HECK out of you!! Spent the day talking to three different 6th grade classes about being an author and it totally wore me out. How teachers manage to keep all those kids' attention all day long is far, far beyond me!!


Jessie said...

Ohh, the Tiny Texan. Ten points if you get that.

I gave up on most TV this season, to be honest. I only watch Smallville because Justin Hartley makes me drool. (It's not the story lines.) I also gave up on Heroes in Season 1 (I liked Jessica, darn it.) and Lost in Season 2. I gave up on Stargate Atlantis this season after I found the creators have the attention of a catnipped high kitten with a shiny bottle cap.

I think my new TV schedule consists of One Tree Hill, Bones, Smallville and NCIS. *ponders* Yep, that's it on the consistent viewing. I had like 8 shows in 2007, but the networks kept canceling them or I tired of the headdesk reaction. Yeah, Kripke, I still haven't forgiven you for poor Jo and Ellen and pandering to your fanbase too much.

Alyssa Day said...

Well, Stargate Atlantis ended this season anyway and it made me so sad. Must buy the series on DVD. Although catnipped high kitten cracks me up!!!

Jessie said...

I was really sad that SGA ended, a lot. Well, okay, and I wish poor Weir had a better send off (Higginson, too). I attended Dragon*Con to meet and thank the stars in 2006 and continued on. They're so unbelievably sweet and thoughtful. Rainbow Sun was so cute and surprised when I called Ford a Lab/Golden teenager.

The creators have Stargate Universe coming out this year, but I think I'll pass on it. I just felt like they kept bouncing around to the shiny bottle cap and left me going "huh?" one too many times during the press releases.

But! I loved the series finale. Much better than SG-1's. I wanted more Teyla though. Heck, my cat's named after her. She's awesome.

Barbara Caridad Ferrer said...

The Mentalist, Chuck, Mad Men, Bones and Life on Mars.

Oh, and reruns of the original Iron Chef because it's campy, ridiculous fun.

Sheri said...

It's sad, but truthfully I pretty much only watch re-runs of "CSI" on spike and A&E... I watch the newest ones on On Demand because I am never home at night to watch them--I have teen agers who need to be transported to and from
activities in the evenings! I really want to watch "Lie To Me"--it looks fascinating. And Timothy Hutton's new show "Leverage" looks interesting also.
I watch American Idol for the first few episodes to see who makes it on the show, but then I pretty much ignore it for the rest of the season...

(sigh) Anymore TV is merely a means toward lulling me to sleep at night...

Anonymous said...

Very easy for me to give up TV shows. I don't watch any. I did give in to subtle Cherry and Wiffer pressure and buy a set of Buffy DVDs. They sit by the TV gathering dust. I decided a very lont time ago that there is nothing on TV that I enjoy as much as I enjoy a book. But , that's just me. So, Alyssa, if you could write a little faster....
Kidding. Really, since 2009 is a bonanza year for Warriors.


Tinuke said...

Doctor Who, if I get the kids settled in bed in time. Heroes, Waking the Dead, Spooks, Vicar of Dibley. Typically all of those have just finished their runs on BBC tv so at the moment I don't really watch much until my shows come back. It's drag out the DVDs or do re-reads of my favourite series until the next books come out.

Corinne Davies said...

I have to admit I have become a tv-on-dvdaholic. I love the idea of watching more then one episode in a night and the best part NO COMMERCIALS!! *G* For the last year my husband and I have been waiting for the next season of
Numb3rs and Dexter to come out. I love both those shows.

Caught the Mentalist for the second time last I can't wait to get the entire 1st season. What a great show.

Sparkel said...

I watch a lot of tv since DVR. But the ones I dont miss are BONES, NCIS, MENTALIST, LEVERAGE the original CSI, SUPERNATURAL, FLASHPOINT and NUMBERS. Miss SGA :(


Then books in between, doing my Soliders Angels andimal Rescue and work........NO ONE wants to see my house, lol

Jen said...

I gave up lost, one tree hill, Bones I lost SGA. Not sure if I will watch the new one yet.Eureka is coing back this summer or is it fall?I really like the show if you liked any of the stargate series then try Eureka, its another sci-fi show but more upbeat(funny).
I still Watch Chuck, smallvile and supernatural because my teenage son watches them with me. Witch is amazing all in its self.I watch ncis, Life wich I just think is the best. I catch up on heros when I have the time.