Saturday, January 17, 2009

random snippets

This one is from ATLANTIS UNLEASHED. If you remember from ATLANTIS AWAKENING, we left poor Justice in a very bad place:

Present day; the Void created by Anubisa, goddess of Chaos and Night

Justice floated in a dark dimension composed entirely of pain, his mind cannibalizing his memories for some sense of himself.

Viscous as a thick, murky potion conjured by a dark sorceress, the pain surrounded him, taunted him, buffeted him and cradled him until he no longer existed other than as a supplicant; a slave; an unwilling participant in a twisted and torturous game.

His consciousness had dwindled down to the barest pinprick of flickering light. He knew his name, knew he was Justice in a vastness of injustice, knew that his sacrifice had saved Others whose names had long been torn from his mind. But nobility was as nothing against the pain; the pain ate nobility, consumed strength, devoured pride. Ate the Body until what was left of the Body burned in acid rebellion against the Mind. The Mind screamed and howled, silent shrieks of protest against an unyielding evil that licked his blood, feasted on his terror and laughed a dark, breathless humor of longing.

But the memories flashed; taunting him with their evanescence. First; a glimpse of the beginning. There was the cavern, and then there was after. After had been when the pain began. Of that, at least, he was sure.


Anonymous said...

This snippet makes my blood run cold. It's haunting. It's fabulous !
Thank you. I think. This snippet is reader torture. ;)


Tinuke said...

Wow! I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't ask but could we have another snippet, it's just I really don't want to leave Justice in that place. It is beyond horrible.!!!

Corinne Davies said...

Oh man! and we still have to wait another few months to find out happens next!!!

Incredibly written, what a great tease for the book.