Friday, June 08, 2007

The book is DONE!!!!!!

Thank you for bearing with me while I went deep into lurk to finish. Today I spent the entire morning blasting music and cleaning out my office (I have carpet? Who knew?? lol) and it is such a relief to be done and have no deadline guilt hanging over my head for the weekend.

Unlike last weekend, which I spent in a hotel, away from distractions and working like a fiend:

YIPPEE!!!!! Ven's book, ATLANTIS AWAKENING, is done and my editor loves it!! This is fabulous news, trust me, because it's coming out in NOVEMBER! Not exactly a lot of wiggle room. whew.

Monday I start on Ethan's novella (Ethan from Wild Hearts in Atlantis, in WILD THING), which will be in an anthology called SHIFTER in March. Ethan's story will be called Shifter's Lady, and I'm looking forward to writing it. Ethan intrigued me even in the small role he played in Wild Hearts. I really love being able to revisit characters, and of course Bastien and Kat will put in appearances!

In the meantime, I'm doing fun giveaway stuff, like tote bags with the lovely and talented Sylvia Day that we'll have at RWA National, and fun buttons to give away at booksignings:

Okay, I'm off to read my new research books . . . by the pool!! I love my job. :) Have a wonderful weekend!


Pamk said...

congrats on being done. I loved you story in Wild thing. Your's and maggie's was the reason I bought it.

Angela/SciFiChick said...

Yea! Can't wait!

Jo said...

I can't wait! I had to special order Wild Thing at my local book store. I have been waiting all month for them to get it in. Finally I just asked them about it and they had to order it for me. It should be here within the week!!