Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Heart my Bookseller friends!!!

I had the BEST lunch!! The lovely and wickedly funny Rudy, Rosa, and Julie from my Lynnhaven Barnes & Noble were kind enough to come out in the rain and have lunch with me at Ruby Tuesdays today. We had lots and lots of yummy food and laughed so hard I think we scared the people near us!!! I had specially autographed copies of Wild Thing for them, but they surprised me with wonderful gifts!!

I am writing notes and my To Do list right now with the Happiness pen from my new Feng Shui Bookmarker Pen set!! These are the coolest pens that actually lie flat and have clips so they can be bookmarks, too!!

And I can't wait to have a suitably deep thought to write in my lovely new journal. (The chocolate is gone already; it's that kind of day and the family was home to "help" me open the box . . .

I absolutely LOVE talking to booksellers - especially the ones like Rudy, Rosa, and Julie, who truly love books. They're so much fun and so knowledgeable and it's a treat to hear what goes on in their side of the business. I can't imagine a better job than being a writer because I'm lucky enough to meet such fun people!! And learn about tattoos and hair streaking . . . hmmm. :)

Okay, back to work. I feel inspired to do something constructive to Ethan's story with my new pink Love pen!!

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GreenLightBaby said...

Thank you for lunch. :-D That was a great time we all had. I do think we scared them since we were laughing so hard. You're a great storyteller. OMG, if I was nearer to the edge of the bench, I would have fallen off.

We're happy you love the gifts. I had to pick up a set of the pens too. I need inspiration to finish the insanity of Script Frenzy. 12,000 words by June 30... I think I can do it. LOL

Continued success. We'll all be waiting for the upcoming books.